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It's not easy for a woman with neither money nor family to make her own way in the world, but as one of London's premier fortune-tellers, Jenny Keeble has managed precisely that. All she has to do is smile sweetly, listen carefully, and tell her clients precisely what they want to hear. It works...until Gareth Carhart, the scientifically-minded Marquess of Blakely, decides to prove that she's a fraud.

At first, all Gareth wants is to free his gullible cousin from Jenny's clutches. But he discovers that she's clever, spirited, beautiful, and not at all the conniving liar that he initially imagined. Still, there's nothing logical about his attraction to her, and so he refuses to give in to it. He's vowed to ruin her, so he will-even if he has to break his own heart in the process.

This is an enhanced ebook. In addition to the text of the book itself, it contains pictures, audio, and author commentary. You can read this enhanced ebook on any device, but the audio content may not be accessible on all ereaders. That content has been made available on the web, so you won't miss anything if your device doesn't support audio.

Proof by Seduction is the first full-length book in the Carhart series. The full series is:

- This Wicked Gift, a prequel novella
- Proof by Seduction
- Trial by Desire

July 7
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Tinleyd ,

Best yet

For me, this author is hit and miss. Some books I like, some drag out. But this was great from start to finish. In fact I would have liked to keep reading. Lots of tension in a good way.

Jamaicagrrl ,


Simply put, this was not a good novel. The premise was great and I was excited to read the book. Whoever heard of a heroine who was a fortuneteller being courted by a wealthy aristocrats? First off, she claims to have been working as a fortuneteller for 12 years. But all it takes is one meeting with the hero for her to break down, doubt her abilities, and question what she is doing in the trade. Immediately after meeting the hero she feels like a fraud and guilty for swindling people of their money. Then there is the hero. Wealthy attractive and has no friends. Not because he is a jerk but because he doesn't know how to make friends. What!? The dialogue and interactions are written at a gradeschool level and feel totally contrived and not convincing . I paid $3.99 for the Ebook so can't really complain much. I've read a lot of good reviews about this author so will definitely give her another chance but if I were you I would pass on this book.

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