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Why is the world's best-selling book held in awe by some, in passive discredit by others, and understood by virtually none?

In this booklet: 

• I Faced This Same Question

• It Dares to Foretell the Future!

• How Could You Prove it?

• TAUNTING the Skeptics

• Prophecy Concerning Judah 

• Longest, Most Detailed Prophecy in the Bible

• The "King of the North" and the "King of the South" 

• Fulfilled to the Letter! 

• The Holy Land Changes Hands

• The Abomination of Desolation

• A Present-Day Proof 

Religion & Spirituality
September 27
Philadelphia Church of God
Philadelphia Church of God

Customer Reviews

A. E. P. ,

the Truth

The truth about the broof of the bible, clearly and easy to read!

Cliftonrn ,


HORRIBLE! Reads like the scatterbrained thoughts of a schizophrenic.

wssims ,

Really HWA's "The Bible Superstition or Authority? ...and can you prove it?"

The Philadelphia Church of God took the text from Mr. Armstrong's booklet "The Bible Superstion or Authority? ...can you prove it?" text and put it under an older title that they may have the copyright to "The Proof of the Bible" which was also written by Mr. Armstrong back in 1958. The PCG then removed Mr. Armstrong's understanding and explaination about the King of the South and "updated" it with their current teachings with no mention of these changes. This leaves the reader with the impression that these teachings are Mr. Armstrong's teaching, when in fact they are not. An honest approach would have been to leave the original text intact and then go on to explain their case for their current understanding presented in the book. Of course it would also been more honest to not change the title either but I don't believe they own the copyright to the newer booklet. Prove all things!

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