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PROPER SCOUNDREL (Formerly: Scoundrel in Disguise) Knave of Hearts, Two of Four

Lust muddies a high-stakes battle only one can win. Marcus adores Jade the minute he sees her; she despises him as fast. Jade Smithfield’s late grandmother unwittingly sold a land option to the railroad before she died. Nevertheless, to keep a family secret and save the downtrodden women in her care, Jade is determined to stop the South Downs Railroad from laying track on her property. To save his disabled brother’s railroad, and the families who will lose their living without it, Marcus Fitzalan applies for a job with Jade to conceal his investigation into the railroad accidents halting construction. While Jade wreaks havoc on the railroad, and leads Marcus a merry chase, her new man of affairs teaches her a lesson contrary to everything she has learned since birth: Not all men are created equal—some of them are good.

Review Quotes for PROPER SCOUNDREL:

“What begins as a typical bodice ripper turns out to be an enjoyable romp as Blair's characters grow beyond first impressions.” Booklist Maria Hatton Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved 

“Author Annette Blair combines action and romance with strong characters and a bit of comedy to give her readers a story they will never forget! I could not help but fall in love with little Emmy and her puppy's antics. Nor could I stop myself from feeling as though I knew all the main and secondary characters for real. The story is written so smoothly that I felt as if I was a part of their circle. Such writing talent is rare and I am grateful to have come across this novel. It is heading straight for my Keeper Shelf, never to be loaned out, and hoarded for my future reading pleasure alone. Annette Blair is a master (or is it mistress?) of the Historical Romance genre. I cannot recommend this tale highly enough and I plan to tell everyone I know about it.” Detra Fitch, Vine Voice Reviewer

“A complex romance with a social message starring an eccentric female obsessed with protecting women and children... Marcus originally arrived to stop Jade from sabotaging his sibling's railroad, but soon finds he loves his employer and needs to help her with her charges. Fans will appreciate this Dickensian spin as "progress" vs. the downtrodden competes with the hero knowing that he will probably lose his love once she learns of his deception.” Harriet Klausner, #1 Hall of Fame Amazon Reviewer

PROPER SCOUNDREL AWARDS (As Scoundrel in Disguise)

2007 A Readers & Booksellers Best Laurie Winner, Smokey Mountain RWA

2006 A Five Star Editor's Choice: "The Best of the Best"

2001 A PASIC Book of Your Heart Award Winner as A PERFECT SCANDAL 

2000 A Great Beginnings Winner as SEDUCED BY A ROGUE, Utah RWA

July 12
Annette Blair

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