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Before 911 struck a warning with exact details was put into Usenet the original social media of the Internet. The person who warned of 911 is named Sollog and his pre-911 Prophecy was based on Nostradamus’ own prophecies about 911. Now you can see how a modern seer warned of 911 before it happened and how he used the amazing prophecies of Nostrdamus TO DO IT.

This is the first book on Nostradamus written by a person who has predicted the future USING THE WORDS OF NOSTRADAMUS as a guide.

There have been a plethora of books written by mostly unqualified authors about Nostradamus over the years who have been both Pro and Con as to the actual Propehcies of Nostradamus in regards to if they actually have predicted the future. This work is PRO Nostradamus as to his amazing prophetic abilities.

While modern hacks such as James Randi and Peter Lemesurier that hold no advanced degrees such as doctorates in Middle French and are not experts in ancient history nor astrology nor Latin and Greek or Hebrew try to discredit the great work of Nostradamus, a few real scholars have analyzed the work of Nostradamus over the Centuries and found they did indeed contain exact information about the future if properly translated.

This book contains the most scholarly translations of Nostradamus ever done, and they are done by a true scholar with honorary doctorates in many fields including mathematics, astrophysics, ancient history and ancient languages.

These new translations are known as The Sollog Translations and Sollog or Dr. Sol Adoni as he is also known, is the Dean Emeritus of Universitius www.Universitius.com an advanced degree University that caters to the brightest young minds on our planet.

The author is also world famous for his own ‘Prophecies’ that has earned him the nick name The New Nostradamus by his fans and the media that has written about his own amazing prophetic hits about historic events that have occurred in our modern age.

January 29
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