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A romantic and true to form scientific story that answers the age old question about God, life, the Universe and everything. Set 150 years into the future on Earth, and several distant inter-stellar planets that are 20 light years at most from Earth. No intelligent life has been found in the Universe thus far, and few inter-stellar planets can harbor life much less humans. Earth is indeed looking like a miracle oasis since nothing like it has been discovered, and Mankind is slowly destroying the planet through climate change and over population. Earth's population is over 15 billion people, and Earth's resources are stretched to the limit to support them all. World War III which started because of terrorism killed over one billion people, and its after effects can still be seen, and as a consequence all governments have mandated the wearing of gWatch devices that now monitor all your activities in real time. Gliese 581G( looks to be the first habitable planet that could harbor humans, it is 20.3 light years distant, and is rumored to have plant life. Terra Nova Corporation is the worlds richest company, and wants to transport humans to Gliese 581G, but in order to do so it must build Prometheus, the first interstellar vessel capable of light speed so humans can get to Gliese within their life times. The only way the vessel can reach light speed is by utilizing a revolutionary new propulsion system called Dark Matter Drive which has been invented by the brilliant and beautiful Doctor Maria Maravilla. Doctor John Smith who works for Terra Nova Corporation is tasked with building Prometheus, and he is having great difficulty in getting the complex physics of Dark Matter Drive to work and needs Maria’s help. Maria's interest in Prometheus becomes more than just scientific when she meets Doctor John Smith who is quite mysterious. Dark Matter( has been found to be a truly miraculous substance that will change the world, humanity and the Galaxy forever, and for the first time in human history, Mankind discovers that they are not the only intelligent life in the Galaxy nor the only ones interested in Gliese 581G. This is an interactive book with 3D images that will animate, that is why it is a large download, but worth it.

May 7
Fitamatic LLC
Pat Murphy

Customer Reviews

Frost1002 ,

Wonderful Book!

I liked this book because the story is completely believable as is the science, in 150 years I can see life being like what is described in this story. I also loved the main character Maria, she laughs, she cries, gets angry, and can be quite snide when she wants to be, plus she’s a genius, what else can be said. I love it when she argues with her stupid autonomous car, and spends all her money on clothes, plus she’s never on time for anything. But the best part of this book is the love story between Maria and John, and how John figures out all of Maria’s weaknesses quite readily, and is always there to help her. They make a perfect couple!

Nice2CU2CUNice ,

Awesome 3-D images

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Think I'm a slob it other than the storyline was the 3-D images that I could play with. I'll be recommending this book to my are the sci-fi friends.

BM 1970 ,

An Enjoyable Romance

My wife & I both read this book and we both enjoyed it. There's something in it for everyone. My wife enjoyed the romance aspect and I gravitated towards to clever science.

It's a very believable story and is written extremely well. Looking forward to reading more books from this author in the future.

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