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Something is stirring inside of you, but it has been silenced, gravely undermined, and misunderstood. You must believe that God has not forgotten you. He has not sidelined you. You are not crazy. Prophet, arise! Come out of your cave and be encouraged to speak forth the word of the Lord. God is calling you to be His Trumpet and to sound the alarm.

The body of Christ desperately needs prophets to awaken and go forth. Whether you have never spoken a prophetic word or you actively engage your gift, best-selling author John Eckhardt provides an unparalleled, inspiring teaching for you. He boldly reveals the characteristics of a prophet that may lie dormant in your life so God can launch you into your calling. You will learn:Unique characteristics of a prophetThe details of a prophet’s callWhat moves a prophet’s heart and stirs the anointingThe rewards a prophet brings to those who receive themHow to find healing and deliverance for the prophet who has been hurtAnd much more!

Religion & Spirituality
July 7
Charisma House
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Customer Reviews

@ChelsSymone ,


This book released such a cleansing and a fire over my life! I am encouraged as a called servant of the Lord! This book gave me a new profound definition of what the prophetic office looks like and entails. I’m so grateful that this book was written! Thank you John!

Blake Fletcher ,

Awesome and Very Anointed

This is a great book. It makes it easy to understand the Prophetic ministry. It is applicable. It is backed up with scripture. It’s not the voice of man, but rather The Holy Ghost speaking through man.

Neoblazen ,


The book is a beautiful master piece! I know that the Lord gave this book to Apostle John Eckhardt. I've never read a book by someone within a different office that had so much insight as Apostle Eckhardt. Prophet Arise is a book that every Prophet should have and every leader within The Body Of Christ should have because it serves as an example of what every leader should be and that is... a friend to the Prophets of God.

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