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Damion West was the boy who stole my young heart and then broke it. That was a long time ago though and I’m not a girl susceptible to hot boys with big egos who just happen to kiss well anymore. Nor have I kept up with Damion West. Okay, I have. Everyone has. He's the heir to West Enterprises.

Everyone knows Damion West.
Just not like I do.
But that's another story better left untold.

It’s hard sometimes to remember that I’m no slouch myself. Confidence isn't exactly my forte but I fake it well. I’ve worked with my parents’ real estate firm catering to the rich and famous for years and I'm now one of the top agents in the country. Blue Enterprises is the name of our firm, which is also my name. Blue. Alana Blue. And now I'm on TV, the star of Selling in New York.

But every family has secrets. Damion's does and mine does as well.
That's why I have the TV show I didn't really want.
Nothing is real.
Except him. Damion. He's real. So is my past with him. But it's the past.

Then one day I get called to a meeting by the studio head, it's all very secretive.
Because it's not the studio at all, or actually, it is. Because his family owns everything.

That's right.
The meeting is with him. It's with Damion West.
And Lord help me, he's now sexier, and more arrogant than ever.

Also it turns out that what Damion wants from me isn't as simple as a real estate contract.
But it's a contract all right.

May 16
Julie Patra Publishing
Lisa Renee Jones

Customer Reviews

Sandialys ,

Great Read!

I loved this book, Damion and Alana have know each other since childhood. They slept together once as young adults and haven’t seen each other in 10 years and Damion didn’t leave on good terms. They are forced together again and the sparks are flying. There are many reasons they shouldn’t be together but it might be the only way for him to protect her. I can’t wait to find out what happens in book two.

Astroyic ,

Passion & Intrigue!

Protégé King is the first book in the Wall Street Empire: Strictly Business Series by Lisa Renee Jones. This author is at the top of my auto-buy list, and Protégé King is the perfect example why. Like a symphony this author builds and builds her story from the very first page, pulling you in with a story that crackles with sensual energy, and passion with characters that are memorable, driven, sexy, intelligent, and wonderfully compelling. Her stories are edgy, intense, full of intrigue, angst, suspense, and passion that keep you glued to the pages and begging for more. Always wanting more!

This is the story of Damion West and Alana Blue. These two have known each other since they grew up being next door neighbors and best friends since they were small children.

But there are family dynamics as well as a competitive nature that cause a push and pull in Alana and Damion’s relationship. Both seem to be manipulated through expectations, as well as circumstances by their parents.

“There was a time when the only person who knew everything to know about me was Damion. There was something safe and special about that bond that carried me through so much of my life.“

“I’m his. But then I was always his. I have always been his.”

But these two have always felt a connection to one another. The heat between them is as divine as it is dangerous, because with one kiss Alana can feel herself unraveling. They are fire. They always have been. You can feel the emotional and erotic push and pull between them. And with a connection and emotional bond that spans decades they just might be able to get through all their misunderstandings by working together.

But since this book is part of a duet you’ll have to wait to see how this all works out.

I received an early copy and this is my honest review.

~Mindy Lou~ ,


I love the start to this series. Alana is a heroine I can respect and like. She has not had a fair life for the past 10 years and I’m intrigued to find out more to the story.

Damion seems like a hero who is going to come in and save the day for her, but he’s not completely innocent in things. His own father is targeting Alana because of Damion’s love for her. The one thing I wasn’t a fan of was the constant mention of him with other women.

The author did a great job of getting me hooked and wanting to find out how this is all going to play out.

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