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Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Grav N’gol. Half Braxian, half Vorn, and one hundred percent son-of-a-bitch. I’m a murderer, an ex-con…and a Protector.
Some people think a Protector is just a bodyguard for hire but it’s so much more than that—I’ll lay down my life for my ward if I have to without hesitation.

Which means I’m damn picky about who I chose to ward.

Enter Leah Roth, a bewitching little Earth female with silky hair down to her luscious ass and big brown eyes a male could easily drown in.

I know this gig is only temporary—I haven’t even given her my oath. I’m just supposed to make sure she’s okay and then report back.
So how did she end up on my ship, traveling with me on a top-secret mission that might affect the fate of the entire galaxy?
And why do I feel like I’m falling for her?

It doesn’t matter, even if I am. I have a secret in my past—a bloody one that would turn even the kindest and most forgiving heart against me. I have to put distance between the luscious little Earth female and myself, no matter how I long to possess her.

From my past and my true nature, Leah must be Protected at all costs.

July 19
Evangeline Anderson
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Neennaej ,

What a ride

I've been sucked in to this book and the others of the Alien Mate Index just as assuredly as the women of Earth are sucked through shiny surfaces in the books!! I plowed through them nonstop because I simply couldn't put them down! They are a romantic fantasy with page turning action and sexy hot alien males that make you need to change your panties after reading the steamy sex scenes!! All Hail Evangeline Anderson...I LOVE your books!!!

RomanceAddiction.79 ,

Keeps getting better

I voluntarily received an ARC for an honest review.

Evangeline has done it again. This is yet another amazing, adventurous, and loving series that I'm becoming quickly addicted to.

Grav is an ex-con protector that chose to keep an eye on Charolette and Leah for Sarden and Zoe when they became the King and Queen of Eloim. Leah has since married her fiance and moved to Virginia. Unfortunately, Gerald has since shown his true nature and started beating Leah. Grav sees through the viewer that he's beating her and rushes in to save her, and give her the message from Zoe in person. Gerald calls the police and when they show up, Leah has to decide whether to stay and deal with her abusive husband making her out to be a psycho, or go with Grav and hopefully see Zoe again. She decides to go with Grav and finds she is in for a lot of adventure.

The last person Grav was protecting, Teeny, has been kidnapped again from an all female planet and the only way he can get to her current protector to question her is to be part of a mates pair, with Leah. That's where the adventure starts and it only becomes more and more intense as the story goes on. Unfortunately Grav refuses to try and bond with Leah saying a bondless union is no union at all and he'd rather let her go than take a chance on hurting her down the line. But will things change? Read to find out.

Cassia238 ,

Love your books!

Awesome read!

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