Protecting Your Homestead Protecting Your Homestead

Protecting Your Homestead

Using a rifle to defend life on your property

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Self defense in the country, or on a homestead, is different than it is in the suburbs. You have to worry about threats to both your family and your livestock, and the potential attackers include both two- and four-legged predators.

The distances are also greater. Instead of dealing with an intruder across the room, you might be dealing with a predator across the yard — or across the field. And instead of you being the victim (or being in close proximity to the victim), the life you’re protecting may be a lot closer to its attacker than it is to you.

This is where the defensive rifle comes into its own. The rifle is the tool to use when you need precision and power at a distance. This kind of defense — which I call “perimeter defense” — is what this book is all about.

Unlike most books written about the defensive rifle, Protecting Your Homestead looks at how to use a rifle beyond what is generally considered handgun range. Instead of teaching you how to use the rifle inside the home, Protecting Your Homestead shows you how to use it the way a rifle was designed to be used — quickly, accurately, and at extended distance. There’s a big difference between the two, and it’s one most defensive shooting courses have ignored — until now!

In this book you’ll learn how to pick the right rifle for the job of perimeter defense; the best and most flexible calibers; how to zero your rifle (and why it’s important); choosing and using sights and optics; shooting positions from fastest to most stable; how to properly store, retrieve and move with your rifle to the threat; how to get to your first shot more quickly and accurately; and much more.

If you live in the country, or plan to, this is the defensive rifle book you need!

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April 9
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Customer Reviews

ninefingers56 ,

Another keeper from Grant Cunningham

The fact that Mr. Cunningham is a firearms instructor is evident in his writing. He is clear and to the point, with well thought out ways to use a rifle in defense of your home and property. This book explains in detail how to store your firearm for immediate access, how to operate it safely, and a myriad of other techniques you probably never even thought of.

Whether you own a semi-auto, a lever action or pump action rifle the author has it covered.

A most informative and welcome addition to my library.

kmowry23 ,

Cunningham writes interesting stuff.

I enjoy Grant Cunningham’s writing about defensive topics, and I often learn something. this book is not an exception. This book is not about long range rifle shooting, or how to clear your house with an AR. It is about how to use your hunting rifle, or farm rifle, to protect life from four legged or two legged predators on your property. I think Grant has an unusual perspective in the defensive trainingworld, and that he uses a thoughtful, common sense approach in developing the techniques that he teaches. Grant usually surpises me with some of his techniques, and that is true for this books. Grant does not recommend the use of a sling on the homestead rifle, and i am not sure that I agree. It differs from what I have previously learned about rifle technique, and I shoot much better with one. I will think about it however. Grant’s books are like that. They make me reconsider what I thought I knew. I may not agree with everything he writes, but I enjoy his viewpoint, and I always learn something. I will keep reading his stuff.

PaulOPeterson ,

Excellent book on defensive rifle use!

If you live on a large piece of property you're probably out in the country. Given that, there's a fair chance you'll have predators around (both of the 4-leg and 2-leg variety). Grant Cunninham's new book, Protecting Your Homestead: Using a rifle to defend life on your property , is a good place to learn more.

Grant is an instructor, podcaster and author specializing in personal defense subjects. Unlike many in the field, he isn't trying to turn his audience into Ninjas, but takes a well thought-out approach to the subject. He does explore and explode many myths.

The book would be perfect for the novice. It provides excellent information on rifle selection, ammunition, safe storage and shooting techniques. Experienced shooters will find the information valuable (and probably different from what they have heard in the past).

As a shooter who has had many classes in defensive shooting, I found it to be thought-provoking. I like books that make me think a bit, rather than the usual echo chamber one often finds when reading about self defense.

This is a relatively small investment in time and money, the reader can learn a great deal about defensive rifle use.

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