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Halah Hussein was valuable, but not to her father. She'd escaped him to study in the United States. She made the mistake of coming home to visit after her mother and sisters said he'd mellowed.

As soon as she walked in the front door, her father tied her to a chair and prepared to execute her. He said she'd become a harlot by keeping company with non-believers. A phone caller interrupted her death. A Sheik wanted her for himself and would pay her father real money. Halah had hope. While in the United States, she'd agreed to work with the CIA. They kept track of her. The CIA called SEAL Team 13.

John Steele was the newest member of the SEAL team. He found life hard because he'd lost his fiancée in a car accident, and he felt dead inside. 

Could John and the SEAL team find the Sheik and rescue Halah? Would John find a way to move on?

Charmed by the Seal

Lexi Concordia had a rough childhood growing up only to be married to a very angry Michael Sommers. Being divorced gave her a new outlook as her career started to soar. But, getting rid of Michael wasn't that easy since no one could have her if he couldn't.

Stressed, Lexi and her son, Gunner, took a vacation to the Bahamas without seeking Michael's approval, knowing full well that she would have to figure how to calm him down about it when she returned.

Ryan Norm was a Navy SEAL Officer on a secret mission when the sexy Lexi changed his objective. Having spent a few days with Lexi and Gunner, Ryan realized what he had been missing all his life.

But how will Ryan's job affect Lexi and Gunner? How will Michael handle Lexi disobeying him? What will happen when Ryan and Michael come face to face? Will Lexi finally find the man of her dreams and the role model to her son?

Protected by the Seal

Daughter of a millionaire, Angela "Angie" Cross lives her whole life complying with her father's every whim, until she meets the rugged and abrasive Ty Kirk. 

Because Ty comes from a poor family, Angie's father ends their relationship, believing that Ty will never be good enough for his one and only daughter. 

Angie tries to go back to being the obedient daughter after Ty leaves her, but she finds it hard trying to date the rich boys her father picks out for her. Angie finally rebels and cuts all ties with her father. 

Trying to fill a void after finishing medical school, she volunteers for a medical mission to Somalia. As fate would have it, she meets Ty once again. 

Now a Navy SEAL officer and all grown up, Ty has changed his life around. He puts himself in harm's way for the betterment of his country. But will his mission and his job doom their relationship before it even has a chance to start?

August 25
Hot Alpha Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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