Prussian in Peril

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Publisher Description

Osiris may be descended from Egyptian Pharaoh cats, but even he’s not above solving a mystery ... With his new human owners Pepper Park and Lucas Havers, can they solve the case when an attractive female cat and her owner go missing while on holiday on the French Riviera?

After one innocent little vacation, my life gets turned upside down. I visit a quaint little British village and end up sort of dating a rich British billionaire who owns, Osiris, a cat that saved my life before a murderer would have had his second victim.

Naturally, Osiris adopted me as his and since I sort of have a crazy crush on Lucas, I’m not about to turn down an offer to vacation with him and Osiris in a fancy hotel on the French Riviera. But our plans to have a nice quiet vacation go out the window when we meet a young woman and her lovely Russian Blue Cat who she nicknamed “the Prussian”.

When our new friend and her furry companion go mission, a host of suspects pop up and the bodies start to drop around us. What’s a girl to do but solve a murder right?

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 15
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith

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