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" ... This is an engrossing story that had me on the edge until the end. With an awesome plot, sexy goodness, and gritty action it definitely does not disappoint. Road Kill MC is gripping, sexy, and suspenseful. I sure did not expect that surprise twist at the end, and the epilogue just ties up the loose ends. I highly recommend ..."

Written by NY Times Bestseller Marata Eros and a #1 Amazon Heist & Organized Crime Thriller Bestselling series, comes a provocative and heart-wrenching tale about a young woman with a tragic secret, dangerous future, and the broken man who will save her.


Puck likes women. All kinds. But he's not prepared to share the secret that keeps intimacy at arm's length.

Until Charlotte Temperance.

Temp is passionate about her job as a social worker. When she shuts down a dangerous criminal who's abusing her minor client, Temp finds herself in the crosshairs of a human trafficking operation, thinly masqueraded as a prostitution ring.

The relationship she begins with Puck is weighted by a secret they both share, and hard hidden truths. Once they discover what the other knows, will the truth shatter all hope of the future—or will the horror they experienced bring them closer?

When Puck discovers that Temp is in danger, he'll stop at nothing to rescue her—with Road Kill MC as his side. But will they arrive too late to save Temp, before she's sucked into a system of depraved humanity, to which there's no escape?

Full-length novel.

Fiction & Literature
June 27
Tamara Rose Blodgett LLC
Tamara Rose Blodgett

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staci: ,

The defender

Puck is such a defender for his sister when they were younger and suffered extremely. If you haven’t read viper go back and read his first. This was emotional but so good. Just goes to show you what a person can endure that can change your life and let you find someone who is willing to fight for you.

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