Book 8 - Powerful Prayers For Every Need

Pulling Down The Seven Pillars Of Satan That Destroy Destiny

Speak Woe To Works Of Satan

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Publisher Description

This book is written to empower you to face every battle that comes your way. With this book the Lord will put his armor upon you and destroy the fiery darts of the enemy. There are seven principal pillars of Satan you need to pull down before success and salvation can be erected in your destiny. This book addresses them all. They comprise pride, lack of knowledge, anger, and lack of faith; prayerlessness, self-affliction and pursuit of vanity. You are not expected to plant good seeds of life and reap little or nothing. You are created a unique person and; to achieve unique reward.  You are the salt of the world.
This book will provoke you to action and win every battle of life. You are to crack every concrete situation in your life so that your destiny may thrive. The seven pillars are dangerous to humanity. They swallow   effects of prayer. The wicked do this intentionally by placing load of distractions in your hands. They do it with smiles but with wickedness in their heart. Satan is smart! He places load of distraction in our hands and turn it to pillars designed to swallow our destiny. Distraction takes priority in our life over the glorious presence of God so that we lose appetite for God and receive no vision or revelation.
We must checkmate the wickedness of the enemy. It is for this reason this violent spiritual book loaded with spiritual missile bullets is written.
This book will silence and break to pieces these evil pillars. There are battles seeking your daily tears and ready to bury your destiny. They are spiritual pillars that say; “if I am not lifted, you can’t be lifted”. They are there pressing you down, boasting you can’t go. They are happy to press you down. They are spiritual vultures assigned in the spirit to announce your obituary. At this point; call on angels of war to come to your aide and fight the battle. You need drastic, violent and no nonsense spiritual powers to destroy the evil pillars.
Your cry to God won’t have effect if you are not prayerful and know what to do. This book gives good counsel to go about it. This book is wonderfully packaged with violent prayers vomited by Holy Spirit. Arise and pray. Now is the time every witch and wizard, and every form of evil power that surrounds you should surrender.
Above all, this book will give you access to the following as you count success over the seven pillars of darkness.

You shall be set free from the grip of the enemy.

The powers of your father’s house shall bow.

Losses shall seize in your life.

Your destiny shall experience spiritual fertility and growth.

Pillars of darkness assigned against you shall break to pieces and expire.

The glory of the Lord shall locate you and your eagle shall fly high.

Helpers shall arise for your sake and locate you.

Every dark battle against you shall bow and scatter.

Every dark arrow of limitation, untimely death, bad health, poverty and whatever shall backfire to the sender.

Every dark pillar troubling you in order to swallow your destiny and keep you in perpetual cry and agony shall be pulled down by fire.

The battle is won. Pick your copy and buy for others. Your joy is borderless and super! Congratulations and praise the Lord!

Health, Mind & Body
October 6
Tella Olayeri
PublishDrive Inc.

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