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College student Kara Nelson landed a coveted public relations summer internship -- but only because of her wealthy family's connections. In reality, she has no clue what PR is all about. And when she messes up on the job yet again, her boss, the cocky and domineering PR executive Mike Logan, punishes her in a way that is definitely not work-appropriate! This 4500-word short story contains scenes of humiliation, spanking, blackmail, and hot, rough sex between a naughty intern and her boss! Adults only!


"Let me go, you creep! Everyone is going to hear me in here!"

"This office is soundproofed so that I could have confidential conversations with clients with no one overhearing. So no, no one's going to hear you. Are you going to continue to disobey?"

She hesitated for a moment, and that was all the time he needed to land another blow on her tight ass. He squeezed her ass cheek hard and practically growled into her ear, ignoring her indignant screams. "Pick up the phone."

Kara crouched down as delicately as she could and gingerly picked the handset up off the floor, holding it in her now-shaking hands. "I'll ... um ... call her now ..." she muttered, trying to hold back tears of embarrassment.

He let go of his tight grip around her waist, and for a fleeting moment, she thought of running away, sprinting out of there as fast as her legs could take her. But that plan was dashed when he turned her and bent her over his desk in one smooth motion, knocking piles of papers onto the floor below them.

"Eeeeyahhhh! What the hell?!" she screamed as he pressed firmly down on the center of her back with one large, strong hand. She nearly dropped the phone again out of pure surprise.

"I can't risk you running away. I saw you eyeing the door just now. You'd do anything to get out of work, wouldn't you?" He punctuated his words with a forceful slap on her ass, and she cried out in pain.

Fiction & Literature
November 30
Daphne Austin
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