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There are two things we know when welcoming a puppy into our homes: they're adorable and they grow into much bigger puppies. If we're not careful when our puppies become fully grown dogs we may find they don't put away some of their once adorable puppy habits such as nipping at our hands or barking at the kitchen door. It can be surprising how much this little dog that you can fit on one hand can be such a handful. Luckily training a puppy just takes a little bit of persistence and some of guidance from those who have been there before.  In this book you are given techniques and advice for training your curious pooch to a well behaved and dependable companion in just two months. The book takes you through the necessary steps for puppy proofing your home, controlling your dog's environment and preventing destructive behavior before it can set it. There are also guides on reducing naughty puppy behavior and how to get a head start on teaching your dog new tricks. 

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

Learn about house training and puppy proofing your home including areas of your house that are often overlooked by first time owners.

Discover how to stop over-the-top biting and barking with easy to follow and easy to implement steps in under two months.

Teach your puppy tricks and commands that will serve them for their rest of their life and give you the skills to train into the canine member of the family you want them to be.

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March 8
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