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A Pulse-Pounding Futuristic Thriller

What's More Dangerous; Secrets or Lies?

With all of the international intrigue of a Tom Clancy novel and all the mind-blowing futurism of an Isaac Asimov classic, Austin Dragon's After Eden Series will keep you turning pages and wondering what's next.

The year is 2096.

The FAITHERS are hearing rumors of a plot to wipe them off the face of the Earth. But, would the world's three superpowers really work together against them?

Four men from four different Orders must uncover the sinister conspiracies that are taking shape at the highest levels of government. Failure will not only end their way of life, but may unleash a worldwide conflict whose destructive power could end all life on the planet.

These four men must learn that sometimes the only thing more dangerous than doing something is doing nothing. And time is not on their side.

But is a coming Armageddon inevitable?

This thriller unfolds between the events of Rising Leviathan (After Eden Book 3) and Red Halo (After Eden Book 4).

Discover just how dangerous the truth can really be.

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July 1
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susu707 ,

Tie-In For Series

Pure Conspiracy is part of The After Eden Series. This novella is meant to tie together the books that are already released with the future books in the series. The events take place between book #3 and #4. While this is part of the series it can be read as a standalone.

Except for some flashbacks, the events in this novella take place from August to October in the year 2096. For me this book is a primer to summarize where the world stands at this point.

The world is radically different (in some ways) from our world today. It has been divided into three superpowers (United States, Islamic Caliphate, and the Chinese-Indian Alliance) and two rising nations (Russian Bloc and Brazil). There are religious enclaves (Faithers - New Protestant Order, New Jewish Continuum, New Catholic Order, Mormon Order, African Collective, Shogun, and Magi) that exist on their own. There are other areas outside the major cities and enclaves including the Troglands (imagine the Mad Max movies).

Some readers will find the format of this novella confusing due to all the multiple viewpoints. But like that it is written chronologically. It really helped me understand the timeline.

This is definitely a series that I want to continue reading!

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