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Your child will be reading in 14 days with Pure Phonics. Just watch June's lessons which are fun and easy to follow and then read the practice words and sentences that are written for each lesson.  You'll be amazed at how fast your child will learn to read and will learn how to learn!  

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February 15
Campbell Christian Academy Publications
KCCA Services LLC
Grades P-5

Customer Reviews

4Colorado ,

This system works!

Both of my boys learned phonics using June Campbell's Pure Phonics. My youngest started at age 3, my oldest at age 6.
We used the system for a year and a half but the memorization and skills taught through this system have helped my boys excel in school. My youngest is now 8 and my oldest 11. Both are in the most advanced English and reading classes. In addition, the memorization training has helped them through science, history, foreign languages and math. The whole system makes sense and unlike so many others out there will not bore or overstress your child. June Campbell's learning techniques have been the single most important aspect of my children's early learning and helped to propel both of them far above their peers. Whether your child is struggling or needs a greater challenge you won't be disappointed in June's system which truly allows children to gain mastery and excel at their own pace. Using her system made my children feel confident and excited to learn. Very few teaching curriculums accomplish the same feat. If I could recommend one learning system to a parent it would be June Campbell's. She understands children, and how their early learning will determine how they learn later in life. It may be the best return you ever get for 30 dollars!

CrystalCoastShop ,

Simple concept --- great results!

My 3-year-old daughter quickly learned letter recognition and the sounds of each letter after the first 14 lessons. The lessons are short (they get longer as you get further in the program), so they keep the attention of even the most-distractable toddlers and pre-schoolers. June emphasizes repetition, so you replay the 30-second portion for a letter a few times and then sit back and be amazed when your child suddenly makes the sound of the letter when looking at her alphabet placemat or when passing a sign in the store. I have used three phonics programs (the other two with all the bells and whistles) and my daughter seems to do best with this one. Thank you, June!

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