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Logan Crenshaw is doing just fine until a chance meeting with Lauren Jacobs sends his libido into a tailspin. When she turns down his offer of a date, his hunting instincts go on high alert and a predatory urge he never knew existed explodes within him.

Lauren Jacob's life is perfectly predictable until she meets Logan Crenshaw, a man who won't take 'no' for an answer. Logan is more rampaging beast than normal man and Lauren finds herself the prey he wants to plunder. Being the target of his sexual quest is more than exciting, but when it's over, will she be safe in his care or just the prize after his merciless pursuit?

As Logan picked up the check, Lauren made a move for her purse.
He raised a single eyebrow and annoyance crossed his features. "Don't do that."
"Why not?" She asked as casually as she could manage.
"I asked you out," he replied succinctly.
"Does that mean if I ask you out, you'll let me pay?" she enquired innocently.
"No," he snapped.
Lauren wasn't trying to argue; she was just curious. "Why not?"
His eyes stayed hot on hers and refused to release her from their hold. "What are you expecting me to say here, Lauren? Me, Tarzan . . . you Jane?"
Her heart started a heavy beat. Was it from apprehension or excitement? "Is that the way you feel?" she questioned.
His eyes narrowed and his answer came low and gravelly, "You don't really want to know how I feel."

December 8
Lynda Chance
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Sarbizu ,

Loved Logan and Lauren's story!

If you love Lynda Chance you'll make time and read this book! Awesome!

white lolita ,

Pursuit by Lynda chance

There is so much to say okay I do like the story a lot the sex is so intense and described so real like it really had me hot !

Logan is almost abusive in his intensity and Lauren should not enjoy that type of behavior from a guy no matter what. An Alpha man dose not mean he acts jealous or violent or think she (female ) can’t handle working with men or men looking at her and Lauren should be a stronger women and not let him dictate the relationship or who she hangs out with or what she wears that’s crazy. This story with the way the sex scenes were written and Logan sounded hot Lauren sounded hot their chemistry sounded elemental and chemical and down right combustible there was no reason to make her so submissive and thirsty for him and for him to be that “almost” abusive in his intensity obsession with her.

Here’s the thing if you have to ask a person if you make them scared or fearful regardless of what they say you need to check yourself YOURSELF!

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