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Put Em All To Shame (The Curriculum) is a one of a kind book. It was created to serve as an extrapolation of the concepts found within the songs of its namesake rap album, Put Em All To Shame. The word “Shame” which appears in the title is a tribute to the immense talents of DJ Shame who produced every track on the album and laced the entire project with his own signature scratches as well. The book fully correlates with many of the intricacies found within songs on the album, and it shines a light on many of the author’s experiences which led to the creation of the lyrics and music. Each chapter in the book aptly shares the same title as the corresponding track on the album. The lyrics to each song are included in each chapter, along with striking photographs taken by highly talented photographer, Raymond Jones. This book is appropriate for anyone looking to receive a broad overview of the main tenants of Hiphop culture and many of its pioneers, while additionally providing insights into the motivating factors which helped forge Lyrical’s unique career choice as an emcee and educator. Professor Lyrical narrates his own writing process and also provides creative tips for writers along the way. Lyrical’s understanding of the inner workings of the entertainment and music industries are laid out as virtual curricula for would be instructors looking to borrow from other disciplines to help foster a passion for education and/or mathematics. Firsthand accounts of the rap music industry (and many of its key players) are provided which take the reader on a fascinating journey of behind the scenes escapades and nonfiction adventures.

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August 6
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