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Publisher Description

Fintech veteran and venture capitalist, Arunkumar Krishnakumar, cuts through the hype to bring us a first-hand look into how quantum computing and Blockchain together could redefine industries and life as we know it.

Key Features

Take a practical perspective on quantum computing and Blockchain technologies and their impacts on key industries
Gain insights from experts who are applying quantum computing or Blockchain in their fields
See where quantum computing and Blockchain are heading, and where the two may intersect

Book Description

Are quantum computing and Blockchain on a collision course or will they be the most important trends of this decade to disrupt industries and life as we know it?

Fintech veteran and venture capitalist Arunkumar Krishnakumar cuts through the hype to bring us a first-hand look into how quantum computing and Blockchain together are redefining industries, including fintech, healthcare, and research. Through a series of interviews with domain experts, he also explores these technologies' potential to transform national and global governance and policies – from how elections are conducted and how smart cities can be designed and optimized for the environment, to what cyberwarfare enabled by quantum cryptography might look like. In doing so, he also highlights challenges that these technologies have to overcome to go mainstream.

Quantum Computing and Blockchain in Business explores the potential changes that quantum computing and Blockchain might bring about in the real world. After expanding on the key concepts and techniques, such as applied cryptography, qubits, and digital annealing, that underpin quantum computing and Blockchain, the book dives into how major industries will be impacted by these technologies. Lastly, we consider how the two technologies may come together in a complimentary way.

What you will learn

Understand the fundamentals of quantum computing and Blockchain
Gain insights from the experts who are using quantum computing and Blockchain
Discover the implications of these technologies for governance and healthcare
Learn how Blockchain and quantum computing may influence logistics and finance
Understand how these technologies are impacting research in areas such as chemistry
Find out how these technologies may help the environment and influence smart city development
Understand the implications for cybersecurity as these technologies evolve

Who this book is for

This book is for tech enthusiasts – developers, architects, managers, consultants, and venture capitalists – working in or interested in the latest developments in quantum computing and blockchain. While the book introduces key ideas, terms, and techniques used in these technologies, the main goal of this book is to prime readers for the practical adoption and applications of these technologies across varies industries and walks of life.

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March 31
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