Quantum Physics for Beginners

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 Are you looking for a book that helps you to understand quantum physics in a simple way? Do you want to discover the Universe's secrets? Or do you want to know how quantum physics has changed our life?
If you answered "yes" to at least one of these questions, then keep reading...

In the heart of the matter, there is an immense world, made of billions and billions of particles, which escapes our senses and intuition, a world in which not apply the natural physical laws, but something much more complicated and "mysterious": the laws of quantum mechanics. It is a theory so preposterous as to astonish the scientists who invented it.

In the first decades of the past century, important physicists such as Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Karl Heisenberg, Albert Einstein, and others, tried to understand the laws that govern nature, answering the questions that men have been asking for millennia.

But don't worry ...

... you mustn't need to be a scientist or an academic to discover quantum physics and its secrets.

The laws of quantum physics are charming, mysterious, and govern our life: from GPS to Laser, from solar panels to computers; our technology is based on theories we don't fully understand yet.

Quantum mechanics, for its almost magic, has always fascinated philosophers and scientists. Moreover, today it enters our "daily life" and inspires books, films, and works of art.

"Physics is not a representation of reality, but our way of thinking about it," said Werner Heisenberg.

In this book, your perception of what is true or false will vanish ...

... waves that act like particles, particles that cross barriers like ghosts or communicate with each other in a "telepathic" way, a cat can be alive or dead at the same time: this is the strange world that you will face when you will read this book.

In "Quantum Physics for Beginners" you will discover:
What is the atom and what is it formed from (is it really the smallest part of the Universe as classical physicists thought?)because Planck is considered the father of quantum physics (did you know that he arrived at his result by "playing with mathematics"?)the wonderful discoveries of Heisenberg, Bohr, De Broglie, Einstein in the field of quantum mechanics (the photoelectric effect, the uncertainty principle, and many other theories ...)if Schroedinger's cat is alive or dead and the impressive consequences of this mental experiment on the conception of realitythe various interpretations of reality provided by scientists (from the Copenhagen interpretation to the theory of many worlds; from the holographic universe to the law of attraction)how quantum physics has changed our life...... and much, much more!!
There is a famous theory of quantum physics that claims that there are infinite universes; everyone is created when we have to make a decision.

For example, there is a universe in which you will not buy this book, perhaps regretting it because you will not discover the fascinating theories of quantum physics and how these can affect your life, while there is another universe in which you will choose to buy my book and enjoy a fantastic adventure full of secrets, magic, and mysteries yet to be discovered.

I hope this is the universe in which you have decided to enjoy this book.

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Science & Nature
December 17
Max Thomson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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