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From Schrodinger's cat to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, this book untangles the weirdness of the quantum world.

Quantum mechanics underpins modern science and provides us with a blueprint for reality itself. And yet it has been said that if you're not shocked by it, you don't understand it. But is quantum physics really so unknowable? Is reality really so strange? And just how can cats be half-alive and half-dead at the same time?

Our journey into the quantum begins with nature's own conjuring trick, in which we discover that atoms -- contrary to the rules of everyday experience -- can exist in two locations at once. To understand this we travel back to the dawn of the twentieth century and witness the birth of quantum theory, which over the next one hundred years was to overthrow so many of our deeply held notions about the nature of our universe. Scientists and philosophers have been left grappling with its implications every since.

Science & Nature
October 25
Orion Publishing Group
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

MobDev ,

A lackluster version of the paper book...

I love my paper version of this book - it’s large and friendly, richly laid out with gorgeous figures and graphics. This digital version is a dull reproduction consisting of just the plain text and small black & white copies of the many figures. A cheap “quick and dirty” conversion.

At the very least I would like to see an update to the full-size, full-color graphics since much of the meaning is lost when the figures are degraded to small grayscale images. Better yet, recreate this digital edition as an “enhanced iBook” and retain more of what makes the original a joy to read!

sfjohn ,

Quantum, a guide for the perplexed

This book would be better titled: The History of Quantum Physics, with some simplified examples along the way. The book is written to tell the Story, of how quantum mechanics came about, while attempting to mention every significant researcher along the way. It's dated now that there is no verification of the Higgs, and why it matters. If you want to know the history, this book is great. If you just want to understand what we've come to know, it's not so great...

Artie_D ,

Great introduction to Quantum Physics

I find this book very well balanced between being too complex with lots of math that is hard to understand for a layman and too general. Thank you Jim! I would to see its revision in 2017 -;)

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