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The Ancient demons of Hel have awakened, and one of them is gathering forces for an invasion of Aaru—which is pretty hilarious as far as Sam is concerned. Few know that Aaru is locked down tight after she banished all the angels. Nobody can get in. Nobody. Well, maybe nobody. The one being in Hel that might be able to restore Aaru is the archangel’s prodigal brother. But he’s presumed dead, having not been seen in over two million years.

The remote possibility of an attack on Aaru isn’t Sam’s only problem. Lows are being snatched off the streets of Dis, and hauled away to the home of an Ancient demon never to be seen again—and a few of the missing Lows belong to Sam’s household.

Suddenly Sam finds herself providing sanctuary in her earthly home for all the Lows in Hel. She’ll need to go undercover to discover if there’s anything to be concerned about in this planned Aaru invasion as well as find the Low-snatcher and somehow persuade him at the point of a sword to leave the minor demons alone before her home is overrun with refugees.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 15
Debra Dunbar
Debra Dunbar

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math wizard ,


Excellent story! We pick up where the angels are now locked out of Aaru. The council is meeting to elect new members. Sam and Gregory are going to go through some changes. An incident from the past involving Sam throwing an angel through the gate and into hell will affect a lot of people and demons. Hell and Aaru will be going through changes. Read this excellent book and learn about Sam , Gregory, and Nyalla and more as there are some excellent surprises and twists to the subplots! I highly recommend this book and the entire imp series!!!

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