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This novel is set in the not too distant future, where a murder has been committed; but the mystery is not whodunit - but why?
We ‘live’ the search for the truth through the experiences of Richard, an Investigative Journalist and friend of the convicted murderess, Issie. She offers no explanation for her cold blooded actions; but why would a beautiful, intelligent, upper-middle class young woman, suddenly change character and murder someone she hardly knew? She had good reason to dislike and distrust Josh; in that he inexplicably inherited half of her father’s considerable business empire. She even possibly loathed him, as a result of the psychological taunts he made regarding details of her childhood; but Richard couldn’t comprehend why she would actually murder him?
Richard, however, has been struggling in secrecy over many years, to solve a much greater mystery – the reason for his own existence and the consequences of his inevitable death. Remarkably his investigations not only provide him with Issie’s motive for the murder, but also unearth a priceless piece of the Universal jigsaw explaining Man’s creation in the image of God.
Believing there to be a relational link between Josh and Issie’s Father, Frank, which would at least explain Josh’s inheritance, he reviews their lives looking for a connection in the hope that it may provide a reason for Issie actions. In doing so, Richard spends a considerable time with Josh’s jilted ex-girlfriend, Tanya, and becomes involved in a blossoming relationship. His enquires, however, confirm that Frank and Josh could not be more dissimilar. The only thing they appear to share is, almost simultaneously, experiencing a stroke of very bad luck! Josh is brain damaged in a motorcycle accident and Frank is caught in the collateral damage of a terrorist bomb plot aimed at Government Ministers. Both are treated at nearby Intensive Care Units before, sadly, Frank dies of his extensive injuries; whist Josh miraculously recovers thanks to intricate brain surgery. Richard’s hypothesis however, not unsurprisingly, eventually proves fruitless.
Visiting Issie in Prison for the first time, he finds she is indifferent and mockingly dismissive of his efforts. However, surprised by his ensuing anger, she remorsefully makes the admission that “I did it for my Father’s sake and my silence is paramount if I am not to end up in a secure mental hospital for the rest of my life.” Armed with this new information (Issie’s conundrum) Richard again tries to understand her motives; but strives without success a second time until Fate lends a hand.
Time itself eventually provides a solution to the conundrum, when Richard chances across a ‘confession’ written by Josh. Its remarkable contents provide Richard with a terrible dilemma; does he tell the World of Issie’s true motives and suffer the almost unimaginable consequences, or simply consign the whole sorry mess to the peaceful oblivion of the local recycling centre?

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 9
Peter Yelm
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