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This walkthrough for Dragon Age: Inquisition offers a very detailed walkthrough for all the quests available in the game. In the first part of this walkthrough, detailed descriptions of the main quests, i.e. missions completed within the storyline, have been included. The second, vast, chapter, includes walkthroughs for the quests connected with your party, both ones that aim at gaining new allies, as well as quests tasked to you, directly, be the members of your party. Another vast chapter are side quests that abound in the game. They have been divided, in accordance with the locations, in which they take place. A very important element of this walkthrough is that it includes the decisions that you make and the consequences of those decisions (the ones, whose effects are immediate, as well as the ones with the effect on further events) Apart from the descriptions available in the walkthrough, there also are high resolution maps of all the locations that you visit throughout the game. What has been marked o the maps is, above all, the starting points for the individual quests, although they also inform you, in certain situations, of the other areas that you visit while completing those quests. Dragon Age: Inquisition is another installment of the RPG games, where you visit the colorful world of Thedas again. You need to take command of the Inquisition and lead it to victory, over the forces of evil, which appear as a result of tearing a rip between the world of the living and the Fade. 

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February 17
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TrumpetED ,

Maps & Locations

This is a book with maps and color coded locations that tell you what the points are. Sounds like a great book in theory. On iBooks though, the maps are too small to read, and when you blow them up, you cant read what the points on the map mean. Kind of a waste of money.

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