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This unofficial guide for Risen 3: Titan Lords is a thorough compendium of knowledge about the complex game by Piranha Bytes studios. It goes into detail, describing the contents of the game and answers the most important questions that may arise, while completing the game. The guide has been divided into several big chapters. The initial chapters of this guide contain lots of useful hints revolving around the most important elements of the gameplay. Apart from the general set of hints, also tips concerning effective melee and ranged combat, as well as combat with magic. The guide also includes information on character development (description of the main attributes and a full list of all the proficiencies), obtaining glory points earning and spending money, pickpocketing, assembling the crew, joining factions, exploration of the game world or crafting. Definitely, the majority of this guide concentrates on the thorough walkthrough for all the quests available in the game. Quests have been divided into smaller groups, with respect to their importance (main and side quests) and locations, where you complete them. Still, apart from the basic set of quests, you can also find, in this guide, crew quests, connected with the individual crew members. Walkthroughs for the individual quests include information on how to unlock them, activities that you need to perform to complete them, possible choices to make and rewards for completing them. Helpful, while learning about the contents of the guide, are numerous screenshots and detailed maps of the locations that you visit. Apart from that, this guide includes the world map and maps with all the locations of the available teleporters marked. The final chapters of this guide include a list of the most important NPCs that you can encounter here. What is meant here are the skill trainers, traders and teachers of spells. Apart from that, this guide includes a full list of legendary items and fragments of unique weapons. 

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September 19
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