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First and foremost, selling or coaching is about you being the real you, the authentic you, the congruent you – in a personal space that the client is willing to share with you. They share that space because they trust your integrity. They allow you to lead them beyond the boundaries of that space because they trust your capability to lead them into another space that is unknown - unknown to them and unknown to you. And they trust your capability to help them deal with their unknown. The most important thing you bring to a meeting is your intention and your integrity. These two facets alone will bring you the success that’s right for you.

I’ve coached hundreds of people in large and small organisations around the world. I enjoy a higher-than-95% conversion ratio from prospecting to sales with the people who are seeking to be coached personally.
The prime aim of this book is to share with you the what-and-how of...
1. A ‘sales’ process that can give you a greater than 95% success rate when selling to potential coaching clients.
And answer the question...
2. How is it successful?

I’ve met many coaches and consultants who don’t like, or feel very competent at, selling. Some of these people held very high offices in large corporations. About ‘selling’... “It’s not something I would do to a dog.” Quote from a Partner in a top-10, world famous, consulting firm.

By a twist of fate, I went from corporate selling into coaching. I started my ‘corporate career’ in IBM. There I spent sixteen years in sales: starting in sales support, then sales, then sales management, and then developing new career paths to sell consulting services, as opposed to hardware. I now have over thirty years of corporate selling experience. I still consider myself a student in the noble art of ‘selling with integrity’.

I call it an ‘art’ because selling, for me, is two parts emotional to one part intellectual. There may be sound business reasons for a customer to buy from you, yet ultimately they buy from you because what you offer looks right, sounds right and feels right in their mind. Moreover, the customer puts trust in your integrity and capability to deliver what you promise better than anyone else.

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October 5
Paul C Burr
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