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This book will get you unstuck and back on track to solving problems, saving money, and even on your way to making money and living a more creative life, too. Its real power is in supporting you in addressing the self-limiting beliefs, competitive slights, and other psychological tendencies that devalue your effort and diminish your results. 


Procrastination is a strange form of self-indulgence, and we all need to keep our eyes on the more distant indulgence: that of accomplishing what we really want to finish and becoming who we aspire to be. To help us on the way, as repeated several times, we need to encourage and reward ourselves for "good behaviour," not just for good results.  


If you need a diagnostic tool to understand the particular kind of procrastination you're facing when it comes to that project, this task, that conversation, or any aspiration, then this is the guide for you. In 63 short pages (with photos that match!), it covers the range of simple kinds of procrastination - where you have a tendency to "later, later" that always results in a rush - to complex procrastination where you need to figure out what your block is and how to get around it. 


The major tone of this book is supportive, as we ALL are subject to unnecessary delays. But that doesn't mean it shies away from being stern, if that's what it takes. 


“I’m a huge procrastinator. At work, I’m in charge of our Health and Safety audits. A lot of it is over my head, but we’re a small company, so I’m teaching myself how to do it, and sometimes it’s boring so I don’t want to. I was looking for hints to get out of the rut of negative thinking. I like to think about others, not myself - a self-worth thing - and I liked reading the way you wrote it. You gave examples of the types of procrastination and it clicked. It made me feel like I was not alone. Other people suffer the same doubts or over-expectations as me.” - June Hamel



This is the ePub version. It’s supposed to be v. 1.0 but it’s actually v. 1.2 because there were two prior versions of this book, in a non-ePub format.

Health, Mind & Body
January 9
Jane Sorensen