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‘Quiz Yourself on Music Theory’ is a great way to review or revise your knowledge of the subject.  It is packed with varied quiz questions and is an excellent tool for self testing.  

It has grown out of, and is a supplement to, our comprehensive Multi-Touch ebook primer, ‘Keys to Music Theory 1’, which is also available on Apple Books.  It contains a large portion of the questions in that book, plus many more that have been created specifically for this resource.  This book can also be used as a stand-alone study aid, assuming that the reader already has a fairly good grasp of the elements to be tested.  

There are ‘learn more’ and ‘hint’ popover buttons containing extra information or nudges, sound files and galleries, drag and drop questions, true or false, match or no match, all with immediate answers at a tap, all to make the whole experience more engaging and more fun.  

You can scroll through the comprehensive glossary, which contains every glossary entry from ‘Keys to Music Theory 1’, make your own notes, highlight sections to remember, and further test your knowledge with the useful set of ‘tap and swipe’ study cards. 

What is covered:

- the symbols of notation:  notes, rests, pitch, clefs, accidentals and enharmonics

- key structures:  Modes, Major, Minor, Chromatic, key signatures, and scales

- intervals:  numbering and naming, and inversions 

- time:  pulse, tempo, time signatures - Simple, Compound, Irregular, metre - Duple, Triple, Quadruple, and irregular beamings 

This book will test you extensively on much that could arise in the ‘Grade 5 Theory Exam’ - this is an intermediate qualification frequently sought in the UK, and one that is now going online.  Once you have mastered this material you will be well on your way to success at this level. 

The author, Jane Emmanuel, has been teaching classical singing and music theory to both children and adults for over 30 years.

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August 11
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