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This is a Happily Ever After, Hot Romantic Fiction Novel.  In the Intragalactic Gods Series.  A tantalizing story of passions, desires, fears and challenges, that bring two people together in a way they never thought possible. 

NOTE TO READERS: This is a sci-fi romance filled with hot explicit sex, strong dominant men. It's gritty, confrontational and steam will be coming out of your ears. If you're looking for something to get those juices flowing, you just found it. Enjoy!

Had she stumbled onto an ancient phone call system many millennia old?  Did the ancients actually believe, they could call the 'Gods'?  And what?  Get a response?
That would be .......... crazy right?

Lori had spent her best years looking for answers to the mysteries of the ancient world.  All those texts in a multitude of languages from around the world on varying Gods over so many years.  With so many similarities.  Descriptions of 'Gods' saving the people.  Strong muscular, unbelievably virile tall beings.  Beautiful and Godly.  Bringing gifts, with magical powers.  Co-incidence?  She didn't think so.  All saying the same thing over and over again?  No matter the continent or time frame, the story was curiously the same.

Referring to 'the arrival from the heavens and stars'.  Of 'Saviours.  Gods with gifts to share'.  The ritualistic welcome parties.  The Priestess and her followers, entertaining the Gods with their bodies, plying them food and drink and seeing to their every whim.  While the 'Gods' dealt with death and disease, pestilence and war saving the people.  Doing good and bringing wealth and good harvests….   The 'chosen' then leaving with them for a new life in the stars?  
Did that all have a strong foundation in truth rather than fantasy?  With so many similarities it couldn't be ignored.  If you took away the time periods and looked at the other evidence from every quarter the whole picture took on new meaning.  They weren't isolated incidences at all.  They appeared connected, it was the only answer.  And if so, were they all one and the same people?  A time travelling people?  From the stars?  Aliens?  

The possibility was revolutionary.  It changed everything they knew about Earth history!
Aliens with such advanced technology, that they could leave it behind for their Priestess to use in times of need?
And if so, could it still work?


Doorway co-ordinates flashed across the console.    They were old.  Not used in millennia.  Thought to be long since dead.  But there was no doubt it was calling upon them once more.

No priestess had contacted them in all that time and they'd moved on to other worlds.  Why now?  The time frame displayed along with real time.  Not that time meant anything any longer to them.  They could travel the time lines any time they wanted.  Visit worlds and move on to where they were needed next.

They kept the races from degrading to the horrors they were so good at making.  Guardians of the seeds of life.  Giving life a chance to survive in all its forms.  

They were called, so they would answer ……..  Ra smiled.  What wonders and delights awaited them this time…..    

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 11
Jessie Rose Case
Draft2Digital, LLC

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