Race of Thieves

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Publisher Description

A new urban fantasy series by New York Times Bestselling Author SM Reine.

You'd never know that Shatter Cage is a were-squirrel by looking at him. Between fake fire charms and his impenetrable confidence, everyone believes he's the phoenix he claims to be.

The lie is a necessary part of his branding. He's determined to become a Hero, blessed by the Oracles and venerated by legions of followers. For now, he's just one more thief slinging magical artifacts on the black market, hoping for infamy to strike like lightning. But he's never going to become canonized if Gutterman, demon and loan shark, gets his pound of flesh from Cage first.

A job offer from the biggest Hero cult in America lights a path to fame—and enough money to repay Gutterman. Unfortunately, Cage's ex-girlfriend, Brigid Byrne, wants the job as bad as he does. Whoever steals an artifact named Nábrók will be hired. And Brigid doesn't mind kidnapping, poisoning, and back-stabbing Cage to win…

The race of thieves is on. And Cage is bent on scoring Nábrók before all his bad decisions catch up with him.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 30
Red Iris Books
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Katie Jagzz ,


I started this stand alone novel jonsing for some reine books. It started off slowly for me. But I got past the first couple chapters and fell into the usual groove. Still most amazed and impressed. This world she created is great and someone as unsuspecting as Shatter Cage is super impressive in this world. I love the love interest in this book and I love all her stuff. She keeps on building with these novels and each and everyone of them is still amazing. You never feel as if your losing out because the main character changes. I keep up with it and all the new characters find a place in your heart. Amazing Sarah!!


Megb44 ,

Worth the read!

Shatter Cage is a shapeshifter by birth, thief by choice. He loves the thrill of the game, the excitement when he achieves his goal. After a heist where he steals from an archangel, he gets noticed by a Hero cult and they make him an offer to work for them, he just has to make one little grab and bring the artifact back to Kleio (his recruiter). The best part? The cult belongs to Silverclaw who just so happens to be Cage’s Hero! The worst part? He’s not the only one after the artifact. There are multiple thieves who are trying to steal the same artifact as Cage and one of them coincidentally is his ex-girlfriend Brigid, who isn’t opposed to poisoning or kidnapping Cage to keep him out of her way. It’s a race to the finish. Will Cage be able to steal the artifact and get the job?
This book was so good. It takes place 50 years after the other books in the Descentverse so if you haven’t read any of the other books don’t worry. You can start here and won’t feel lost.
Cage was a hilariously witty character and I just loved the banter between Cage and Brigid. I loved Cage’s outlook on everything and the way he describes himself. There were parts where I literally laughed out loud.
And Vex was perfect! I loved his supportiveness and charisma! Everybody needs somebody like him in their lives for sure!
I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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