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Rachel’s second day at Joel’s home is a revelation. She finds that she feels more at home in Joel’s family lifestyle than she has ever felt with her own, and she meets the most fascinating member yet of his extended “family”.
This is a very explicit tale about sex and sexual situations. Rachel Gray is finding out what it means to love sex and loves to write about it.

She is the cousin of Haley Gray, who is founder and CEO of Haley's Sexual Fantasies, which is her erotica publishing company dedicated to publishing the best Erotica available. Rachel has learned from Haley and is dedicated to bringing you only the best sex stories, written by her, about herself and her friends. "Erotica should be exciting, engaging, keep you interested and get straight to the point." This is what Haley has taught Rachel.

Once you have discovered that you love Rachel's short sex stories you can easily find more by visiting her author page. Each of her sexual stories are unique and takes us on a different one of Rachel's sexual fantasies. This specialized Erotica is bound to keep you tied up for hours if you get carried away (which is rather easy to do).

Strap one on and have a blast with erotic stories that are sure to last. That is the motto that Rachel shares with us to give to you. She is kind of quirky at times, but that is why we love her. Rachel’s and Haley's short sex stories are sure to keep you entertained and excited all the way through.

Fiction & Literature
February 25
Rachel Gray
Smashwords, Inc.

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