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Anchor your study with the first multi-touch book written specifically with you and the new ABR core exam in mind.

Say goodbye to the old days of grainy images, irrelevant details and black pearls. This comprehensive resident-to-resident guide elevates the efficiency of review for the core exam. Part 1, Core Diagnosis and Intervention, includes 100 cases across every core subject area with pinch-to-zoom images worthy of the iPad display and focused discussion points. Part 2, Core Physics, gives radiology physics its first major revision in decades with vivid illustrations and simple explanations. Free updates and corrections at www.transcendreview.com.

About the Authors: Lakshminarayan "Ram" Srinivasan completed his M.D. at Harvard Medical School, Ph.D. at MIT, and B.S. at Caltech, with diagnostic radiology training at UCLA and neuroradiology training at Stanford. Jonathan Park completed his B.A. and M.D. with the Honors Program in Medical Education at Northwestern University with diagnostic and interventional radiology training at UCLA. Both authors were in the first class to pass the new ABR Core Exam.

Transcend Review, Inc. is dedicated to your success and promises to keep discussion relevant, eliminate factual errors, and stay positive.

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Customer Reviews

Kooky11211 ,

Clear, concise, smart, high yield.

A great resource to explain and reinforce the important information from the RSNA modules. Smart teaching tools with interactive diagrams and built in flash cards for important numbers and equations; “Know these cold:” The book is directed at the new core exam. Being an iBook, I have already received free updates and new content.

tejdd06 ,

Excellent and focused!

This is by far one of the best book for the CORE exam especially in review of the physics section. The RSNA modules are nicely summarized here and Ram has really explained everything very well and has pointed out the high yield information that is necessary to pass this exam. I feel much more confident now after reading this book and writing notes from the Physics section. The material is very well laid out and the diagrams and pictures are excellent.

Mag484883379 ,

Radiology Oversimplified

The book does have some nice cases, but does not come close to covering the breadth or depth of knowledge needed for the Core exam. The “explanations” frequently just link to outside articles or outside websites, offering little original content of their own. This should not be used as a primary study resource, although is good as an adjunct to studying just to see some more cases.