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There are two themes to Radiomen. First, if

there are aliens interacting with our world

they are likely just as confused about who

or what God is as human beings are; and

second, whoever they are, they’re probably

just as fond of dogs as we are.

Laurie, a woman who works at a bar at

Kennedy airport doesn’t remember that

when she was a child, she met an alien

on the fire escape of a building where her

uncle kept a shortwave radio. The radio

is part of a universal network of repeaters

maintained by an unknown alien race; they

use the network to broadcast prayers into

the universe.

She meets a psychic who is actually part

of a Scientology-like cult called the “Blue

Awareness,” as well as a late-night radio

host. All have their own reasons for unraveling

the mystery of the lost radio network.

Laurie is given a strange dog by her

neighbor, an immigrant and a member of

the Dogon tribe—people who believe they

were visited by aliens long ago and repeat

a myth about how the aliens brought doglike

animals with them. All Dogon dogs are

supposedly descended from that animal.

As conflict develops between the Blue

Awareness leader and the other characters,

the Dogon acts as an intermediary between

the humans, who want to understand why

the aliens need the radio network, and the

aliens who need the humans to help them

find a lost element of the universal network.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 31
The Permanent Press
Ingram DV LLC

Customer Reviews

Prairie_Dog ,

Unusual Story of Aliens Among Us

"Radiomen" is a very unusual but delightful story. It is about a lot of things: family history, ancient aliens, radio enthusiasts, the love of dogs, faith, the boroughs of New York, and a cult that seems a lot like Scientology.

The protagonist, Laurie, has sort of drifted through life. She never really felt connected, although she got by. Now a middle-aged bartender, she has a quiet and unassuming existence. She calls into a midnight radio show on a whim, and a psychic reminds her of a childhood dream about a dim figure that she called the Radioman. Little did she know that this memory from her childhood would propel her into conflict with a dangerous cult. But in her struggles to resolve the disturbances in her life, she will have the assistance of friends, neighbors, strangers, and most especially dogs.

This was a very refreshing story! It was very unexpected narrative in many ways. The settings and characters were very vivid, and you seemed to become part of their world in the first few sentences.