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For Readers who like cozy mysteries, humorous mysteries and police procedurals.

Absolute Poison

Superstitious British Detective Joseph Rafferty is having a bad week – not an unusual occurrence – and he can’t help feeling trouble comes in threes.

Rafferty’s premonition turns out to be accurate when a company manager is found dead at his desk. The tyrannical Barstaple had known full well that he was hated by most of the office. But did he really deserve to be poisoned? And so horribly.

Dying For You

Detective Inspector Joe Rafferty manages to become chief suspect in his own double murder investigation. And all he’d been doing was looking for love…

It had been his sergeant's wedding that had brought home to him that, far from still being the 'Jack the Lad' of old, he was not only lonely, but in danger of turning into a sad old git. So, with his fortieth birthday on the horizon, he decides it's time to take the initiative. To this end, he signs up with the Made in Heaven dating agency. Wary of Ma and his colleagues discovering his shameful secret, he borrows a fake ID. It's just unfortunate that the first two women with whom he strikes up a rapport should wind up murdered and with himself – or rather his alter ego – in the frame for the crimes.

Bad Blood

A robbery gone wrong, Detective Joe Rafferty thought, when the latest murder victim, wealthy widow, Clara Mortimer was found battered to death in her home. Then Rafferty learned she wasn’t a widow at all—and her estranged husband was living in the same block under a false name. But that's not the only suspicious aspect of the case: Clara Mortimer's family add another complication, not eased either by their several deceptions or by the difficulties in Rafferty's personal life, which, as always, seems to be guided by a malign fate and makes him take his eye off the investigatory ball. But could he help it if his automatic reaction when his live-in girlfriend Abra said she might be pregnant, wasn't exactly New Man?

Their investigation brings Rafferty and Llewellyn face to face with just how down and dirty families can be...and not just the families of murder victims.

Love Lies Bleeding 
A most unlikely killer, is British Detective Joe Rafferty's immediate thought, when the slender and bloodied Felicity Raine stumbles into the police station and confesses to murdering her husband. Rafferty thinks her even more unlikely a murderer when he meets her in-laws, and catches them out in several deceits. There is something peculiar going on, he is convinced. Because although Felicity isn't due to receive any financial benefit from her husband's death, others in the Raine family certainly are.

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 26
Geraldine Evans
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