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Note to Readers:  If you love the work of Anna Hackett and Eve Langlais you will love this.  This is a sci fi romance filled with hot sex, strong dominant men and sexy females who know how to hold their own.  It's gritty, confrontational and stream will be coming out of your ears.  If you're looking for something to get those juices flowing, you just found it.  Enjoy!

This is a 51,000, word novel.  Mainly in British English, with Americanism's and slang from both languages.


**** Rage, the leader of his people, a Cyborg.  Created for war and death.  They fought to survive, to be free.   Hunted as a resource, they'd been scattered across the universe.  They wanted to live.  To love.  To be more.

The war had been over for most of them, for nearly 40 years.  Others, were lost in outer world skirmishes.  They were desperate to find them before it was too late.  Before they were lost forever.

The rest, were damaged, taken apart, used as fodder or worse.  They had to find them....

Their job vitally important.  Lives depended on them.  They were free but others were still chained to masters, abused, used and tormented.  Find the others,  had been his mission. 

Hunt down those that abused them.  Remind them not to fuck with Cyborgs.   It was ruthless work he was made for.  Work, he took pleasure in doing. 

His crew was his family, and more were out there alone.  They would find them.  Give them back their lives and kill anyone who got in their way.


Kim took no shit from anyone.  She loved her job.  Engineer supremo and a gift for machinery and how it ticks.  Thanks to her mother. 

She didn't always understand it, but she knew instinctively what to do to get that bit more out of it, or simply make it work.  She was dam good and it paid off.  She had her plans.  Keep her nose clean.  Head down.  Stay out of trouble.  No men getting in her way.   Design and sell on.  Make enough to get the hell out of Dodge. 

Well, she did, until they came under fire for cargo they shouldn't have been hauling.  The Universe was a dangerous place and it had just come calling…. and that hot and sexy Cyborg making her body pulse with need, wasn't just bad, he was dangerous, and she needed to stay the hell out of his way!

Rage wanted that dam ship at any price.   And whoever was responsible for tripling their speed and getting away.  He could use that.  He wanted the engineer and his cargo. 

The chase was on.  There would be a reckoning.  Rage would have what's his.  His body on fire for that pixie beauty.  She sparked all his circuits.  Made his blood run hot with fire and ignite his passions .......  He would have her too..

Fiction & Literature
February 2
Jessie Rose Case
Draft2Digital, LLC

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