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"I made love to her mind before I got to her body, and when I got to her body, she was already wet."

RahMeek, hometown hero and spearhead of Philly's most notorious drug ring, is serving a bid upstate after falling victim to someone else's misfortune. By a quirk of fate, he meets the beautiful thought-provoking Bella. RahMeek quickly puts her stereotyping to rest after attesting the beliefs of "a n***a behind bars." He proved, unwaveringly, that his reach was far beyond the bars that held him captive. Although a bit apprehensive, Bella finally submits to his chivalry. RahMeek takes her on the wildest ride of her dreams as he captures her mind... In anticipation of her body. 

Roc and Kelly sheds light on that forever kind of love that even the toughest candidate dreams of. Kelly is not only devoted to her relationship with Roc, but she has made his hardships hers as well. However, under despair, Roc hasn't proved to be the man that Kelly once knew him to be. The doting girlfriend is wounded after discovering Roc's infidelities. Kelly cuts him off completely; leaving him scrambling for the love they once shared. 

The couples share a different kind of love, with each being special in its own way. However, will it be enough to pacify the bruised egos, lonely nights, and broken hurts?

February 13
David Weaver Presents
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Denise Beasley ,

A classic!!

Yasss Mercy B delivered if you haven't read these series you have no idea what your missing out on Rahmeek is babe!!!!

Deja Vou ,

Rah meek and Bella

Love love love this book!!! Took Toyota time with this book great plot great genre just waiting on part 2!!!!

Shatorijdub ,


STILL WAITING FOR MORE. I live this artist and I need rahmeek and Bella 2 and I want to know more about these characters.

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