Rain Falling on Tamarind Trees: A Travelogue of Vietnam

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Finalist (Travel category), 2019 San Diego Book Awards
Former Amazon #1 New Release in Vietnam Travel Guides
5-Star Rating from Amazon Hall-of-Fame Top Reviewer

Have you ever wondered what Vietnam is like some forty years after the war has ended? Then come along with the author as he returns to visit his ancestral homeland for the first time after a decades-long absence.

Retrace his steps with him around his former hometown of Saigon in the south, and then follow him along on an itinerary of discovery to other unique destinations throughout the country: Hoi-An, the best-preserved medieval seaport in Southeast Asia; Hue, the ancient capital of imperial Vietnam, on the central coast; Halong Bay, a world-renowned natural wonder; and Hanoi, the country’s thousand-year-old capital, in the north.

Filled with historical and cultural tidbits and personal reminiscences, and illustrated with over forty photographs, "Rain Falling on Tamarind Trees" offers the reader an insightful and fascinating glimpse of this tropical land.


"Impressively informative, exceptionally well written, and an inherently fascinating read, 'Rain Falling on Tamarind Trees' is an especially recommended addition to both community and academic library Contemporary Travel & Travelogue collections."
—Midwest Book Review

“Whether you have been to Vietnam in the past or are thinking of going in the future, you’ll wish you had C.L. Hoang as your traveling companion. His delicate, keenly crafted prose, his sharp eye for detail, his tender humanity and humility, make this travelogue a must-read. . . . The next best thing to traveling to Vietnam with C. L. Hoang is reading his wonder-filled book, and seeing the country through his eyes."
—Judith Fein, award-winning author of "Life Is A Trip: The Transformative Magic of Travel" and "The Spoon From Minkowitz: A Bittersweet Roots Journey to Ancestral Lands"

"C. L. Hoang's 'Rain Falling on Tamarind Trees' is a fascinating and highly readable account of one man's return to his ancestral homeland. Hoang's narrative keeps the reader fully engaged as he describes the highlights of a 10-day visit to this intriguing country, with its must-see destinations and warm, friendly people. . . . 'Rain Falling on Tamarind Trees' is the perfect introduction for prospective visitors."
—Tim Doling, Author and Viet Nam Culture and Tourism Consultant

". . . C. L. Hoang achieves a perfect blend of narrating the sights, describing the tour experience, and relating family reminiscences while sharing moving personal impressions after such a long absence from his homeland. Whether or not you’re Vietnamese, you’ll find great appeal and inspiration in this illustrated love letter to Viet-Nam.”
—Lynette M. Smith, Author, "How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure: For Special Occasions and Occasions Made Special"

"As a world traveler, I've had the pleasure to visit Vietnam in the past. However . . . [C.L. Hoang] offers a unique perspective of Vietnam . . . [as only can] someone returning to his homeland after many years. If you’re interested in Vietnam . . . I highly recommend putting 'Rain Falling on Tamarind Trees' on your reading list."
—Gary Arndt, purveyor of the travel website www.everything-everywhere.com
2013 & 2015 Travel Photographer of the Year, North American Travel Journalists Association
2014 Travel Photographer of the Year, Society of American Travel Writers

Travel & Adventure
November 18
C. L. Hoang
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