Raising Spirits

A collection of six erotic stories

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Publisher Description

A collection of six erotic stories with mixed fantasy themes including vampire, magick, shapeshifter and paranormal.

Raising Spirits by Nyki Blatchley
Amy's invisible lover must surely be a dream - or is he a ghost? Amy doesn't care, since he gives her the best orgasms she's ever experienced. The truth, though, is more sinister and more dangerous than she suspects. Amy must learn the secret of her lover's nature - and of her own - before she loses everything. And, if the discovery involves more sizzling sex - Amy isn't going to complain.

Vamp'eau by Lynn Lake
In the barren wastelands water was the most precious commodity, both for the hot-blooded inhabitants of the village, and the cold-blooded inhabitants of the mountain cave. The water siphoned from the desert creatures would attract villagers to the cave; provided they were desperate enough. Mirage was desperate, for herself and her family. Sand'ra was waiting.

Be My Doll by Sandrine Lopez
Candice wants to get into Seb's pants but he is freaked out by the collection of dolls in her bedroom - especially one that looks like her ex Mark. Is there more to the mannequin that meets the eye? Yes, for Candice has found that certain magicks can be potent - and not entirely controllable - means of getting her way sexually...

The Room at the Top by J Smith
With frustrated longing she returns to the same hotel every year, booking the same room - the room at the top. Only she knows what is there and what will befall her, as dressed in lace of virginal white she lays back and prepares herself for the encounter. Each time it's more than she could hope for and almost more than she can take, pushing her to the sexual limits of this world and the next.

Duppy by Angela Caperton
Artist Justine Templeton undertakes a journey to her ancestral home, the Caribbean island of San Sebastian, in search of inspiration and meaning for her life. On the tropical isle, she encounters a shape-shifting spirit called a Duppy. In the form of a darkly handsome islander, the Duppy teaches her about the island's tumultuous past and reveals a dark secret, coiled like a magical serpent among the roots of her own family tree.

Ghost by Carmen Russell
Sure, the house was tiny and ancient, the roof as suspect as the plumbing, the basement cracked like the driveway. But it was Kathy's. At last freed from the smothering constraints of the parental home, the socially inhibited 23-year-old could finally, truly spread her wings ... Until she heard the chilling words that interrupted her house-warming self-pleasure session, 'Name's Anne. I haunt this place.' The pushy apparition wanted the big O in death she'd been denied in life, and she needed a living woman - Kathy - to possess, to experience the kind of manmade orgasm she'd saved up for her entire short, previous life.

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April 7
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