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He’s a legend in the raking . . .

The Last Crimes of Peregrine Hind - Sierra Simone

Peregrine Hind, known to all as the bloodiest highwayman ever to bedevil the road, seeks only one thing—revenge against the Dartham family.  And so when a robbery sends the second Dartham son and notorious rakehell Alexander Dartham tumbling to Peregrine’s feet, it seems like fate has given Peregrine his vengeance at last.  Except then Alexander offers him a desperate bargain: to kidnap him instead, so Peregrine can harvest a generous ransom from Alexander’s family first.  Peregrine agrees, but he’s in no way prepared for a captive like Alexander, who insists only on the softest beds and the finest wines…and who enjoys being tied up a little too much…

Two Rakes for Mrs. Sparkwell - Eva Leigh

The last thing Mrs. Vivian Sparkwell wants is to tie her life to another stifling husband. But thanks to the surprise terms of her last marriage contract, if she refuses any reasonable offer to wed again, she loses her widow’s portion. What she needs is a thorough and public ruining to make her would-be suitors cry off. Who better to provide the necessary scandal than notorious rake Rushton Cantley? Yet when Rush proposes that his friend, gaming hell bruiser Jack Morgan, join in on the ruination, Vivian can’t decide if she’s shocked—or aroused. How far is too far when infamy is on the line?   

A Rake, His Patron, & Their Muse - Nicola Davidson

London playwright and notorious rake Lennox Townsend is renowned for bold melodrama and bolder pleasures. When he loses interest in both, his shy yet devoted patron Lord Jonathan Grant escorts him to a country boarding house managed by repressed widow, Mrs. Viola Prescott. The trio soon surrender to sizzling—and forbidden—passion, made sweeter as each share their deepest secrets and find acceptance of their true self. Yet cold reality is ever ready to intrude, and they know happiness is fleeting. Or is it?

Monsieur X - Adriana Herrera 

Joseph Cantor Marshall never imagined reaching the pinnacle of artistic success would be so… uninspiring. Desperate for a spark of excitement he attends the notorious masked soirée at the most exclusive sex club in Paris. The moment he walks in he’s entranced by the mysterious X, the embodiment of the painter’s darkest fantasies. But X is as slippery as he is tempting, and soon Marshall’s days and nights are consumed by growing desire for his elusive lover. Will falling for X  prove to be Marshall’s undoing or his greatest masterpiece?

Sold to the Duke - Joanna Shupe

Though she once lived a life of privilege, Lady Eliza is now destitute and desperate to care for her ill sister. She decides to sell the one thing of value she has left: her virginity. At the auction, a shocked Duke of Blackwood recognizes Eliza and refuses to allow her to fall into the clutches of a depraved bidder. But his role of noble rescuer is upended when the proud beauty insists on giving him his money’s worth…

November 30
No Bird Press, LLC
No Bird Press

Customer Reviews

RoadrunnerReader ,

Sierra Simone’s highwayman and rake are a cute couple

The highwayman was a soldier who sent his wages home to his family. He risked his life to provide for them. When he come, they were all dead and the family farm was gone. He needed to get revenge. He concocts a plan to take down the family that destroyed his. When he attacks their carriage, instead of getting the actual duke, he gets the duke’s younger brother. The duke’s younger brother pleads for his life. The highwayman takes him back to the priory where his crew hangs out, and they keep the duke’s heir captive there. It’s a really good story.

april R H ,

Delicious and Naughty

I love these short and sexy stories in historical settings. This was a perfect late night read, that’s deliciously naughty, highly entertaining with a little something for everyone. If you’re in the mood for a sinfully good book then this is it! These five talented authors have delivered one hot read, that will leave you begging for more!!!

Wyrdfan ,

Steamy and swoony

Rake I’d Like to F… is an excellent collection of hot historical romances by Nicola Davidson, Adriana Herrera, Eva Leigh, Joanna Shupe, and Sierra Simone. Each is a well-written delight.

The Last Crimes of Peregrine Hind by Sierra Simone ////.
Peregrine Hind is an accidental highwayman. When his band accidentally stops Alexander Dartham instead of his wretched brother the duke, Peregrine and Sandy find themselves with a bit of time on their hands and an inconvenient…attraction.

Beautifully written, Sierra Simone’s story is funny, heartbreaking, and delicious in turns. Very well done.

Two Rakes for Mrs. Sparkwell by Eva Leigh ////.
Vivian Sparkwell approaches Rushton Cantley at a gaming hall under the watchful eye of Jack Morgan. She needs to be ruined, and she’s found just the rake to make that happen. She doesn’t expect to find love…twice over.

Fantastically passionate and hot, Eva Leigh’s story is a terrific read.

A Rake, His Patron, & Their Muse by Nicola Davidson ////.
Lennox Townsend and his patron Lord Jonathan Grant head to the countryside for a change of scene. Little do they know this trip will change their lives abs that of one Viola Prescott for good. So, SO much good!

Nicola Davidson’s MMF is spicy and funny and poignant, as these three navigate sharing their hearts and hearts’ desires with each other. Well written with excellent secondary characters. Delicious!

Monsieur X, by Adriana Herrera ////.
Joseph Cantor Marshall meets the mysterious Monsieur X at the private club he goes to find release. He’s always careful to keep his private life to himself, but he’s met someone who makes him want…more.

Adriana Herrera’s story is high on steam and emotion, and it is a joy to see this rake fall fast and hard and fully for the man of his dreams.

Sold to the Duke by Joanna Shupe ////.
Eliza desperately needs funds, and she’s forced to sell the one thing she has of value. Lucien is accompanying a friend to a very special auction but doesn’t expect to bid. Surprise!

Joanna Shupe’s story is telling about the circumstances facing women at the time, and ultimately Eliza and Lucien find a way to prevail. Her boldness is a delight.

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