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Includes forewords from Robbie Williams, Craig Robinson and Caridee English.

We all talk about it: Changing our lives. What we're going to do, want to do, wish we'd done! Until... Game over, flat line. Maybe next time.

RanDumb tells the story of an Irish Mark who one day decided to make the change. Took a shot. Gave it a shot. Left the real world behind. Swapped the green fields of Ireland for Hollywood. Chasing the dream. Chasing his tail.

RanDumb takes the reader on an unforgettable journey through the real world of life in LA, seen through a unique Irish perspective:

Random. Dumb. Fun. Models. Actors. Parties. Porn. Orgies. Nutters. Producers. Directors. Singers. Hippies. Leprechauns. Dancing. Prancing. Drink. Drugs. Freaks. Fakes. Friends. Stand up. Knocked down. Dressed up. Stripped down. Troughs. Hills. Gutters. Stars. Highest highs! Lowest lows. Trying to make it. All the time.

Mark Hayes has lived the life in LA, and has an assortment of scars to prove it.
The message rings out from every page: Give it a go. Live life. Go with the flow.
(Just maybe think twice about scat-singing, leprechaun-obsessed hippies.)
It is not often that a global icon, one of the world's top comedic actors (US Office, Hot Tub Time Machine) and the winner of America's Next Top Model come together in acknowledging an Irish published book by a debut Irish author.

June 10
Mark Hayes
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Customer Reviews

ashleyclaw ,


A hysterical laugh out loud story about moving to la and random hardships the city throws at you while trying to make it. Even more comical coming from the writer, who is straight from Ireland, witty ambitious. Easy read, just wanted to keep reading more about his adventure. Couldn’t put it down.

Abby S. F. ,

***Read this book!!***

The hilarious memoirs of a lovable cad. This book had me laughing out loud and irritating everyone around me throughout.

I especially recommend it to anyone who finds the farcical nature of Hollywood culture to be bizarrely intriguing. It's extra fun for those who are familiar with Los Angeles, or new to the area!

While Hayes is sometimes naive and easily taken in by the gilded glitz and glamour of LA, his book is infused with a refreshing, wide-eyed honesty, dauntless optimism, and, of course, plenty of wit.

It's very worth reading-- as are the other books in his series!

nessatx89 ,


EXPECTATION: Quick mind numbing pick-me-up. In need of a few laughs. (Needed a break from my typical murder mystery, scorned lover thriller and self-help book pattern--Wanted something that wouldn't keep me up at night!)

REALITY: Totally engaging from beginning to end!! Couldn't. Put. It. Down. The authors ability to magically illustrate every scenario he encounters is stellar. As the remaining page count dwindled, I experienced actual mourning (ya know, the kind you feel when you've binge watched 13 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in 2 weeks, and you're approaching the very last episode? Yep, that dark, gloomy cloud of sadness!) But still! Couldn't. Stop. Reading!! Work. Car. Bathroom. Church. School. Kept "Merrick" with me every step of my day, not wanting to miss a single "RanDumb" adventure.

In conclusion, this book has not only served as my ab workout for the past few days (so much laughing.. no really, actual LOLing!), it's also given me fresh perspective-- Rose colored glasses ON! Mark's endeavors to make it in America are inspiring, hilarious, and fearless. *Insert terrible Irish accent here* READ ON! You won't regret it.

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