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Ranger thinks he's an ordinary 8th grader. Then he inherits a magic ax and learns he's the new Guardian of the Forest, and, even more of a stunner, a demigod in training. Eons ago, another demigod, Gilgamesh--yes, THE Gilgamesh from The Epic of Gilgamesh--used the axe to clear the Forest, causing a Great Flood. Now, the evil king has returned to finish what he started. With the help of his sister, his cousins, and the axe of course, Ranger has to stop him.

Ranger Nader & The Sunstruck Phantom has received several honors and awards. In 2019, it was Long LIsted by The Green Earth Book Awards and was named a Finalist in both the National Indie Excellence Awards (NIEA) AND in the IAN Book of the Year Awards. In 2020, it was named a Finalist in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. 



'A superbly plotted magical adventure, stylishly and flamboyantly written.' The Wishing Shelf

FULL REVIEW I do enjoy a good adventure story, even if it's for children and not me, a 49 year old English lecturer. And – WONDERFUL NEWS! - this is a GOOD adventure story. Written in imaginative prose, the plot is well-constructed and full of exciting twists and turns. Not only that, the characters doing all the twisting and turning are fullyformed, interesting, and even charismatic. So, what is the story? Basically, Ranger Nader has powers – BIG POWERS! – so he attends a sort of Hogwarts school – but not Hogwarts – where he must develop his powers, battle a demigod and, of course, do all the things teenagers do. Now, it is similar to Harry Potter in a number of ways but it's also original in a number of ways too. For example, the background of the central character and the mix of myths and legends within a futuristic plot. So, on to the nuts and bolts. Firstly, the characters spring off the page. It is a plotdriven story, but the characters are the jam which holds everything together. The author knows her characters through and through and this shows in the consistent and very individual way they act. I also thought the speech between the characters was very well written. In fact, the story is a perfectly balanced mix of 'speech' and 'a well-paced plot'. Well, I finished the novel three nights later and I did very much enjoy it. There were plenty of twists and turns to keep me turning the page and the characters (good and evil) were interesting – even memorable. The ending was also excellent and, closing my computer, I knew I'd be happy to open another of this author's books. So, can I recommend this book? Yes. Who to? Well, I think younger teenagers will find this book a blast! Reluctant boy readers…THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! Enjoy! A 'Wishing Shelf' Book Review www.thewsa.co.uk


If Harry Potter were a Lebanese-American teen in the future, descended from Ancient Phoenicians, the plot for "Ranger Nader" would be the perfect blend of these stories. Young Ranger Nader attends an academy for teens with strange powers and must become a Guardian of Earth and defeat an evil demi-god from history, all while trying to survive adolescence. Although mimicking the Potter series, the use of Phoenician history in a futuristic setting, including bull jumping to determine spaceship assignments, is wonderfully fresh. And the use of Gilgamesh, an historic figure, as the villain is fascinating and new. By: BookLife Prize

Young Adult
December 16
Wings Publishing
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