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They are the Fallen. A brotherhood of murderers whose nature compels them to kill. But guided by their leader, Gabriel, the Fallen have learned to use their urges to rid the world of those it is better off without.

For Raphael, sex and death are intertwined. Where there is one, there must be the other. He is a lust killer, luring his victims with the face of an angel and a body built for sin. 

And Raphael lives to sin. 

His newest mission takes him into the sadistic underworld of Boston’s secret sex clubs, and puts him face to face with his greatest fantasy made flesh.

Maria is everything he’s ever dreamed of, the kill he’s always longed for. She’s not his target. And he knows he must resist. But the temptation is too strong…

Yet Raphael is not the only one with a mission. Maria is not quite what she seems. And as her secrets and Raphael’s unravel, Maria begins to question everything she thought she knew—about evil, about the place she calls home, and about the beautiful sinner she was sent to destroy.

Dark Contemporary Romance. Contains sexual situations, violence, sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language and topics some may find triggering. Recommended for age 18 years and up.

The Fallen: Genesis a prequel novella in The Deadly Virtues Series and MUST be read before RAPHAEL (DV: book one).

June 17
Tillie Cole Ltd.
Stephen Jones

Customer Reviews

Kahea46/Books n Wine Blog ,

Dark and delicious!

5 ‘Roses’ Stars***

Oh, my dark, deviant heart is all kinds of happy!!

After finishing The Fallen: Genesis the need to get my hands on Raphael (the book, not the man ~ at least not at that time) was strong. Ok. That isn’t entirely true. I was making grabby hands at the series as soon as it was announced, but still…And good lord *smirk* did Raphael pack a punch. This baby had me jumping willingly into the rabbit hole, gave me all the feels and had me wanting more when there were no more words to read.

I ended up adoring Raphael and Maria. From the start I was fascinated by Raphael, and all the Fallen in general, and as the book progressed and I got to live in Raphe’s head I started to truly like and then love the man. His soul and heart may be dark and venomous, but there is a...grey area, a lighter side of that darkness that made me melt for him in the most unexpected of ways. Maria is simply a strong woman. She has a past, and it isn’t pretty, but she’s dug her way out of it as best she could. She, at times, was an enigma in how she viewed the world, with all she knew and yet didn’t know, but once she set a path for herself she never deviated from it, no matter the out come.

As for their romance. I did wonder just how things would play out, considering all the factors working against Raphe and Maria, and in the end I loved it. It was unique and showed that even in the darkness, love ~ even if it’s obsessive and bloody ~ can be found.

I have to be honest and say that I was a little worried at the beginning of the book because, for me, things were moving a bit slowly. There were various reasons ~ one, impatience on my part to get to the good stuff & two, simple exhaustion from an unusually busy couple of weeks ~ but I also knew that most of this was set up and needed to be done, so I persevered and was well rewarded. My fascination with the Fallen, the need to know more about each of them and just be around them all, especially when they are together has deepened exponentially. I don’t necessarily have a ‘favorite’ per se, as they all intrigue me on different levels, but Gabriel and Bara are the two that garnered my attention the most when they were around, but in the end, I just want more and cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in the series!

Note: YES, you NEED to read The Fallen: Genesis before diving into the Raphael. It will give you the background on this dark, crazy and chaotic work. And YES, the triggers are intense. So reader beware.

~ Copy provided by Ardent PRose PR & voluntarily reviewed ~

Yoli277 ,

Hauntingly Beautiful

Raphael (Deadly Virtues #1) is hauntingly good and it’s darkness at it’s finest!! This book is a perfect example as to why Tillie Cole is the queen of dark romance. I devoured Raphael within a matter of hours!!

I was heavily engrossed as the storyline is unique, wicked and twisted in the best way possible. Raphael is not for the weak or the faint hearted. It has really dark moments with its compelling storyline that brings emotions to a world where these feelings just do not exist. I was so entranced and overwhelmed with a rollercoaster of emotions that made my heart break, my heart stop and my eyes welled with tears. I thought I knew what to expect going into this book however once again, Ms. Cole outdid herself by writing a brilliant masterpiece.

Raphael (one of the seven members of The Fallen) who’s heart is black as night and Maria with her angelic and innocent heart really challenged me. The more I read, the more I knew these two broken souls who suffered so much tragedy and pain, were destined to be together.

Trust me when I say, you need this sinfully beautiful book in your life. I’m highly anticipating reading the next stand-alone in this series.

ali.herr ,


This was and is a highly anticipating series that kept me on my toes. Raphael is a dark and twisting read for this who are use to Tillie’s dark side. This book had me smiling and crying when needed because I did not want it to end. Dark and sexy with torture and pain. These men are captivating in every way.

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