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Publisher Description

What I present to you, the reader is a collection of short stories from the unique mind of W.A. McDonald. This collection spans many years of writing. While some of the stories may have been updated slightly to make them more readable, or address changes in technology since they were first written, the premise of each story remains unchanged.

Some stories like M.E.T.S Corp were written before the advent of the tablet, Bluetooth, or portable computing devices. It takes place in a world where the ice caps are no more. Because of its age, changes in technology needed to be addressed. Other stories like Dignity are much newer and come to these pages unchanged. Dignity is a Flash Fiction piece that deals with a man who does not want to outlive his dignity.

Other stories within the pages of Rattled Mind include Exodus. A story about environmentalism morphing into oppressive theocracy. Herb, and Zero Atmosphere are stories based on the same world I created for Exodus. Second Chance, and Free Enterprise are flash fiction pieces based on the concept of global tech giants waging warfare for market share. The intro to these stories offers an explanation as to why there are two stories. There is even a story that deals with the possibility of life after death, something I don't necessarily believe in, but that is why we call it fiction.

Each and every story is more about the characters, and their lives within the worlds I created. These are not a collection of technology driven stories, or stories of universal conquest. These are stories about normal people livening in extraordinary times. One of them, It Will be History, even takes you, the reader to a distant planet.

Between the covers of Rattled Mind, you will find over a dozen short stories ranging in length from less than a thousand words, to well over eight thousand words. Take a chance, buy this book, at least one of these stories should tickle your fancy.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 11
W.A. McDonald
Draft2Digital, LLC