A Scarred Souls Novel

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Is finding one's true love worth committing the greatest sacrifice of all?

Taken as a teen, prisoner 194 was stripped of his name and freewill, meticulously honed to be a ruthless machine. Even as he tries to fight his captors hold on him he knows that obedience is the only way to save his sister, who is the one person that keeps him from turning into a monster.

As a young girl Zoya Kostava barely escaped the brutal attack that killed her entire family. Now twenty five she lives in secrecy. That is until she hears her brother also survived and is living with their greatest enemy.

Zoya risks her safety and anonymity to find the brother she thought dead and is captured by a beautiful, brutal man. A man who both captivates and scares her, in him she sees a soul as lost as her own.

They both have so much to lose will they be able to save each other…and survive.

August 16
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Sappyann ,


This book was awesome! It was third book in series and was difficult to put down. Usually books in a series loose there plot and become stagnant. This series is one that keeps you spellbound from the very first page till the end. Can't wait for new release of Tillie Coles' next book. Finalizing these tortured souls. Leading them to revenge and love. Great job!

Fng1975 ,

Blown away

I stayed up all night because of this book! I could not put it down. Amazing, perfect, fabulous, wonderful, or whatever other words there are simply aren't enough for this book. She has done it again. Her stories are filled with every emotion and just plain genius. Can't wait for more.

Devilwmn ,

Dark, gritty and emotional

I LOVED this book, I love the series, and I couldn't tell you which is my favorite. Usually there is something that sets the books apart and makes one just a little bit more my favorite and with this series I can't pick one. They are all so raw, dark and gritty. The song You Spin me Round comes to mind at the end of the song...

Zoya Kostava's family was all killed by Jakhua when she was five years old, she was shot and thought killed but was saved. She was raised by a servant loyal to her family and kept in hiding for 18 years. Then news comes to them that the man responsible for her families massacre is dead and they can come out of hiding, and even better her older brother thought lost to her forever is alive. Impulsively she decides she's going to see her brother without escort and is kidnapped before finding him.

194/Valentin Belrov and his sister Inessa were orphans after their drug addict mother OD'd and died. Left in an orphanage where military like men (wraith's) come every couple months and take the children they are terrified. When the wraiths come Valentin scrambles to get Inessa and tries to hide but they are captured by the wraith's. The captors learn early on Valentin can be controlled through fear for his sister and they use that to keep him as their prized pet. He's given an experimental drug like Reap and Raze in the previous books that's supposed to make him a mindless cold blooded killer except that it only works for a very short time and he has to fake his subservience. When the Mistresses love is killed by Zaal she wants revenge and sends 194 in to make the hit for her. To try and get Zaal, 194 captures Zoya.

This book is VERY emotional. I sat there reading on my kindle app biting my nails the entire time, and now I have no nails left and sore fingers from biting the nails below the quik. I've never done that before reading a book. I couldn't put this book down, I binge read it and now I'm left wanting more. I really hope that this series won't be ending any time soon... I absolutely loved this book. Also for those that like updates on past characters you will get to see Kisa and Luka and Zaal and Tahlia. Definite five star read IMHO!!

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