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This captivating 50-page digital-original story set in the world of Lauren Oliver's New York Times bestselling Delirium series focuses on Raven, the fiery leader of a rebel group in the Wilds.

As a teenager, Raven made the split-second decision to flee across the border to the Wilds, compelled to save an abandoned newborn—a baby girl left for dead and already blue from the cold. When she and the baby are taken in by a band of rebels, Raven finds herself an outsider within a tight-knit group. The only other newcomer is an untrustworthy boy known as the Thief until he finally earns himself a new name: Tack.

Now she and Tack are inseparable, committed to each other, the fledgling rebellion, and a future together. But as they both take center stage in the fight, Raven must decide whether the dangers of the revolution are worth risking her dreams of a peaceful life with Tack.

As her story hurtles back and forth between past and present, Raven transforms from a scared girl newly arrived in the Wilds to the tough leader who helps Lena save former Deliria-Free poster boy Julian Fineman from a death sentence. Whatever the original mission may have been, Raven abides by a conviction that she believes to her core: You always return for the people you love.

By turns surprising, revelatory, and poignant, Raven's story enriches the Delirium world and resonates with a voice that is as vulnerable as it is strong.

Young Adult
March 5
Ninth Grade

Customer Reviews

ErinChels ,


I didn't like Raven in the books at first because I just saw her as being so cold and underhanded with everything she did, especially to Lena. After reading this I understand Raven better and actually like her a lot more.

daddycarmichael ,


love this whole series

Hb314 ,


This novella companion gives you a little extra Raven. She pops up in book 2 as Lena’s savior. A kind of surrogate mother figure/ older sister that help Lena how to survive in the wild. You don’t really get much background information on her, but you leave really wishing you did.
This story gives you a lot of answers, while still leaving out a few more. It shows you why Raven is how she is, and it softens her character up a little bit. You get to she hopes, dreams, and quite a bit of love. She’s a complicated character, but she’s likable all the same.
There’s also a hidden surprise fact that I hope to learn more about later on in the third and final book. I am so excited to see where this all goes!

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