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An unexpected ride...
Lauren's hush-hush family history tells of an ancestor and his horse vanishing in a forbidden corner of their upstate New York farm. But on the other side of the mysterious portal lies a dying land bereft of its beloved steeds.

Lauren is enjoying a rare day with the horses to herself when a strange man arrives seeking a particular rider. Before she knows what's happening, she and her brother's prize stallion, Pindar, are abducted through the Ravery to Cirq where she is proclaimed the Horsecaller and expected to return their country to greatness.

There, she encounters Supreme Guardian Leinos who awakens her long-dormant hope for the future. Lauren denies she is the prophesied Horsecaller but is drawn into his quest to return Cirq to greatness. Soon, she’s fighting giant venomous birds, a hostile queen, and the unfamiliar yearnings of her own heart.

But time is running out. Conspiracy threatens from all sides, and not everyone looks upon Ravers with kindness.

Will Lauren and Pindar bring Cirq’s horses home before it’s too late?

A story of life, love, and the secret places we dream about.

˃˃˃ Bonus! Includes a sneak peak of On The Buckle, a contemporary romantic murder mystery also available from Candace Carrabus.

˃˃˃ Be sure to pick up The Roar of Smoke--a Horsecaller spinoff set in the same world.

˃˃˃ Just before Lauren begins her incredible journey...
She tilted the last barrowful down the hillside. That's when she saw the odd man striding out of the woods. Odd, if only because he’d obviously been walking in the storm. He wore a long, hooded cloak. The shiny cloth reminded her of a school of fish with their multi-hued scales, moving together as a unit, turning and banking, bright one moment and fading in the depths the next.

As he gained the base of the hill, he pushed back his hood, shook out long, gray hair, and laughed. She tried to think if she’d ever seen him at the place where her mother lived. There were a few there who’d lost touch with reality. But he didn’t look familiar. An unsettling feeling crept up the back of her neck, like a damp fingertip tracing her spine.

˃˃˃ If you love adventure, romance, and horses, this is the book for you.
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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 8
Candace Carrabus
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