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My brother is an idiot. He won the lottery and invested all of his money in a run-down bowling alley. Since he’s barely making it, he moved in with me.


Having him around the house isn’t the worst thing in the world, but he does make a mess like nobody’s business. My friends Zeke, Jessie, and Kayden keep me sane but there’s only so much they can do.

And it’s definitely not the worst thing in the world when his old friend, Ryker, moves to town.

The second I lay eyes on him, I’m hot under the collar. He makes my body burn in longing and freeze in desperation at the exact same time. When he talks, I don’t listen to anything he says because I’m staring at that hard jaw and those kissable lips like I already own them.

But he’s a bed hopper. A playboy. A heartbreaker.

I’m all down for some hot, sweaty, yummy sex even if it doesn’t have a fairy tale ending. I’ve been down that road before. I know the drill. But with Ryker, it’s different.

Because I know I’ll fall in love with him.

For now, I’ll steer clear of him and keep my hands to myself. It can’t be that hard, right?

Or can it?

January 3
Hartwick Publishing
Erika Todd

Customer Reviews

CNJohnson86 ,

Must read!!!!

I absolutely loved this book!!! The characters work week together and have plenty of dialogue between them. It’s definitely a page turner and I would completely recommend it!!!

Bellarina12 ,

Amazing read

I loved this book! It's definitely my new favorite series. I read it in 1 day as I couldn't put it down. I'm onto book number 2 now. I can't wait to see what happens next.

WheezyH ,

Great Read from Start to Finish!

E.L. Todd nail it with “Ray of Light!” This is my first book for this author and I loved it! I was totally drawn in from the start with these characters and the story. The interactions between Rae and her brother Rex is relatable in real life relationships between siblings. Rae and Rex have a special bond with each other and their friends. They do a lot of things with their best friends; Zeke, Kayden and Jessie who have really become more like their family. They will go to concerts, dinners, drinks, outings, and everyone comes to Sunday all day hangouts at their house. One of Rex and Zeke’s friends, Ryker, returns home after leaving town right after graduation. Rae and her dog, Safari, meet Ryker, on one of their walks and there was an instant attraction with both dog and girl. No one told Rae or her girlfriends who Ryker is and what company he is coming home to help take over for his father or that he is going to be the new CEO of the place Rae works. Ryker has always been a player but so have Rex and Zeke. Rex is over protective of his sister, Rae, for his own reasons. But Zeke has other reasons why he doesn't want Rae to end up with Ryker. Zeke is more like a family member, brother, best friend, who's a doctor and always there for them, and that's how Rae sees him. But does he see Rae the same way? Rae and Zeke work together to help Rex makeover his bowling alley investment into a successful business. Jessie and Kayden are Rae’s best friends and do most everything together. E.L. Todd’s words seamless take me away and make me feel like I'm there with all of them, I'm lost in the story and off to the ball park eating hotdogs with Ryker and Rae or sitting laughing to the banter between Rae and Ryker as they get to see what their spark is all about. Or when the whole gang is together now with Ryker is in the mix, does this change the atmosphere between them all or is it business as usual with them all and welcome him in? I really appreciate this author’s talent and her ability to bring the story and characters to life. Oh but wait!! Did I mention the hot steaminess between Ryker and Rae!! Bring your fans, chocolates and whatever else you need while you read this first book in the series!! Because the chemistry, and the kisses…you get the picture, between these two you'll wonder where to get yours! Ha! Seriously, I really love E.L. Todd’s talent, I love great first reads! I know the next book “Ray of Hope” will be just as amazing unlike the examples Ryker gives for sleeping with so many one night stands! You must get this book to see what I’m talking about.

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