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Are you spending your most of your time putting out “fires” and treating symptoms that reignite again and again? Are you frustrated trying to meet the demands of multiple stakeholders - customers, employees, investors, etc.?

What if you could develop your own custom leadership system and collaborative leadership style to leverage the forces of change to transform your organization’s systems and culture? What if you could increase the odds of successful strategy deployment by using a flexible design framework to [re]design your organization systems and processes? What if you could create ever-improving value for multiple stakeholders including customers, workforce, investors, suppliers and partners, society, and the natural environment?

Here is The Blueprint! This book combines over 25 years of experience with research that resulted in two award-winning, peer-reviewed frameworks. The Leadership and Design Frameworks are integrated into a 14-step Blueprint for leading the journey to sustainable excellence. These steps are covered in the 14 chapters from leveraging the forces for change to the nine components of the leadership system to a collaborative leadership style and culture of service.

Learn how to:

Identify and leverage the Forces for Change
Apply the nine key components of an effective Leadership System
Develop your own Collaborative Leadership Style
Develop a Culture of Service
Identify your own Individual Characteristics that support your leadership approach
Leverage the Facilitators of Change to lead a successful [re]design and transformation and… Create Sustainable Value for Multiple Stakeholders!

Whether you are transforming an enterprise organization or just redesigning and rebuilding a part of the organization this book will help you get started on a solid foundation!

Advance Praise for the Book

"(Re)Create is a masterful, comprehensive, and systematic resource for how to craft a relevant, prosperous, dynamic, and sustainable business! John Latham’s breadth of academic and practical leadership experiences shine through in an engaging, thoughtful, and approachable set of ideas, tools, and principles for achieving both business success and leadership significance! If you have time to read only one business book this year - make it (Re)Create! Better yet buy a copy for your entire team and together (re)create the optimal culture, execute operational excellence, and craft engaging experiences that drive loyalty and advocacy of your people and your customers." –Joseph Michelli, Ph.D. CCXP, New York Times #1 bestselling author of books like The Starbucks Experience , Driven to Delight , The Zappos Experience and The New Gold Standard.

“This book provides corporate leaders and entrepreneurs with a holistic road-map for organizational transformation, by perfectly balancing the softer and harder aspects of change management. It is highly recommended for leaders and companies on the Baldrige journey.” –Sunil Sinha, Member - Malcolm Baldrige Foundation Board and, Resident Director - Tata Sons Middle East & North Africa (MENA)

“I greatly enjoyed this book. It adds immensely to the body of Leadership knowledge from John’s experience and extensive research. I can verify the quality of the information provided through my learnings and observations over the years. It should be required reading for all leaders!”– E. David Spong, President of Aerospace Support for Boeing Integrated Defence Systems (Retired) the 2003 recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Service and as Vice President and General Manager of the Airlift and Tanker Programs for the Boeing Military Aircraft and Missile Systems the 1998 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Manufacturing

“Dr. John Latham’s latest book ‘[Re] Create The Organization You Really Want!’ is complete ready reckoner, backed by exhaustive research findings in all aspects of Organizational Transformation for sustaining excellence. This is a one-stop shop for all that a leader has to know and do towards rebuilding the organization that would help him/her to achieve extraordinary performance. The book takes the reader in a systematic manner through all the steps of Redesign and emphasis rightly on the Systems Framework for improving the overall effectiveness. What I liked about this book is that it makes the readers think through their own organizational problems through well crafted ‘Reflection Questions’ at the end of each chapter. I wholeheartedly endorse this book to every leader and all those who are interested in improving performance excellence of their organization in the most effective manner.” –G. Jagannathan, CEO, Transconn International, LLC, Fremont, CA, USA (Executive Vice President & Global Head of Business Excellence, Tata Consultancy Services, Retired)

"This new book from Dr. Latham captures his in-depth knowledge of complex organizations in a variety of industry sectors. I especially appreciated his explicit attention to various stakeholder groups and the effects they have on organizational design. One only needs to review the recent Wells Fargo Bank issues related to the design and management of their incentive programs to appreciate the consequences of poor design and leadership.

On a separate stakeholder dimension, Latham’s attention to the various “surrogates” who can represent participants (plants, animals, soils and the atmosphere alike) in the biosphere help the reader understand what “giving voice” really means. Building on this foundation, the concept of voice could be extended further with even more attention given to posterity or “future generations.”

In summary, this book can be of great assistance to the leaders of many organizations who recognize the power or competitive advantage that accrues to those who seek to lead effectively and create value for multiple stakeholders in the 21st Century!" –Dr. John Grant, Visiting Fellow, School of Global Environmental Sustainability, Colorado State University and former Robert Kirby Professor of Strategic Management, University of Pittsburgh

“Dr. Latham has crafted a book that gives leaders and organization architects at all levels, in all types of organizations, a comprehensive leadership blueprint to understand and (re)create their organization to achieve sustainable excellence.”– Debbie Collard, Director, Program Management, Operations and Integration, The Boeing Company (Former Director, Continuous Quality Improvement, Boeing Airlift and Tanker Programs 1998 Baldrige Recipient and Director, Business Excellence, Boeing Aerospace Support, 2003 Baldrige Recipient)

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