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With the intense polarization in our society these days, the volume and vitriol so high on all sides, how do we live out our commitment to the existentially equal value of those around us when we ourselves feel deeply devalued, feel our definition of the common good is unheard or denied? What do we do with our strong responses to the threat that devaluation poses—a threat our bodies and our hearts recognize even faster than our minds? Under threat we all become more authoritarian, impulsive, suspicious, unkind—and frightened, discouraged, and unforgiving. It's so quick, like a switch. An alternate reality. None of us are exempt. But we do have the beginning of the answer if we can slow down, step back, listen. That beginning is US, just as much as the polarization is. Its essence is a presumption of good faith. And a never-ending practice of discovering, rediscovering and creating our common good—a practice that depends heavily on our ability to see the good in each other, however different we are. Really see it, lift it up, and do the same with our own. We’re not saying this practice is easy, especially now. We are saying it’s crucial—and rewarding. It is also small, specific, one person, one relationship, at a time. Thirty-seven contemporary writers share here, through memoir, fiction, poetry, and essay, their own experiences with discovering, creating, or re-creating our common chord across nationality, class, criminal justice, religion, race, politics, family, community. Come join us . . .

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October 1
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